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TNEB Reading Details – TANGEDCO Bill Status, Payment

Ads TNEB reading details, check TNEB status, TANGEDCO bill online – The Tamil Nadu Electricity board provides you with method to check online reading details or electricity meter reading details on the official website of Check details about TAMIL NADU GENERATION AND DISTRIBUTION CORPORATION LTD online bill reading process here.

You can also check your TNEB bill status and account summary, check TANGEDCO bill status and make payment online using the TNEB portal. Check tn epass

TNEB reading details check – 2023

The Tamil Nadu Government provides you with simple process to check the electricity meter reading online. It is also called EB reading details. For that, the electricity consumer needs the service number or mobile number. The www tnebnet org reading details can be checked through following process –

How to check eb reading online?

To check EB reading at TNEB reading details page, use following process –

  1. Go to portal

    First of all you have to visit the TNEB official website.

  2. Open Account summary page

    On the TNEB website, go to the portal and then visit account summary page.

  3. Choose your TNEB region

    Then, from the list of region, select the region of your TNEB connection.

  4. Enter your TNEB Service number

    Then, in the form, enter your service number.

  5. Enter mobile number for eb reading details

    After that, enter your mobile number and you can then check the TNEB reading details.

  6. Enter captcha and submit form

    Once, you have entered the CA number and the mobile number, you have to enter the security code that is shown.

  7. Your tneb reading details shall be displayed there

    After that, submit the form and then you will find your TNEB reading details on the screen.

TNEB Reading Details

So this is how electricity consumers can check reading details online. Click here to check –

New Website for Checking TNEB Reading in 2023

Here is the new process to check TNEB reading online –

  1. Go to
  2. Now, click on the ‘Click here to view the bill status’ option
  3. Enter your Service Connection Number.
  4. Enter Registered Mobile Number.
  5. Submit and you can check your TNEB bill reading and status online.
TNEB Reading - New Website Update
TNEB Reading – New Website Update

TNEB reading details login – TANGEDCO Login

However, to check the details of your electricity bill reading online, you need to visit the TNEB login page or tneb online login portal. For that, you can check our reading details login instructions here –

TNEB NET ORG login process

  • Open TANGEDCO portal
  • Go to EB Bill TNEB Page
  • Enter your TNEB Login ID
  • Enter your password
  • Click on Login button
tneb reading details login

That’s how you can easily login to the TNEB reading details login page.

TNEB reading online payment – TANGEDCO Bill Payment

Once, you have checked your eb bill details, you can make your TNEB bill payment online through the credit card, debit card, net banking or other payment methods. Here, you can check how to make TNEB reading online payment online.

To make payment, visit following page –

TNEB reading calculator

How to calculate your TNEB reading online?

  • Go to TNEB NET Tariff master page
  • Select your tarrif
  • Select TNEB Billing cycle
  • Enter your Contracted load
  • Write your Consumed Units
  • Enter your KVAH
  • Submit the form and calculate TNEB reading online.
tneb reading details calculator

This is how you can use the TNEB reading calculator for checking eb bill online.

TNEB reading unit rates – Price of TNEB unit

tneb reading unit price rates

TNEB has come up with a new tarrif rate for domestic low tension connections and supplies. Those who want to check the new rate can visit following link –

Under the 100 unit free scheme, there is a bill of Rs.0 for those who consume less than 100 units of electricity in Tamil Nadu.

TNEB Bill Status Check using TANGEDCO App

TNEB bill status can be checked through the official TANGEDCO mobile app. The android app for TNEB can be downloaded from Play store for free. In that app, there are multiple options like paying TNEB bill online and checking TNEB bill status.

Download TANGEDCO mobile app for TNEB bill status

  • Go to Play Store
  • Look for TANGEDCO
  • Find TANGEDCO Mobile App (Official)
  • Click on install and download it
  • Open TANGEDCO App and use the guide below to check TNEB bill status.

Check TNEB Bill status in TANGEDCO App

To check TNEB status, use following process –

  • Open TANGEDCO App
  • Login using username and password
  • Create 4-digit secure PIN
  • Click on ‘My Bills’ option
  • Enter your TNEB Consumer Number
  • Click on Check Button
  • Check ‘Live’ in TNEB Bill Status
  • Click on Confirm and go to payment page

This is how you can check TNEB status through the app. You can also make online bill payment through it.

TNEB Online Bill Pay – TANGEDCO Bill Payment

How can I pay TNEB bill online?

To pay TNEB online bill, you can use multiple options that are available to us. Some of those options are as follows –

  • Paytm Electricity Bill Payment
  • Mobikwik Bill Payment
  • Freecharge
  • Talkcharge
  • Official TNEB portal
  • Official TANGEDCO App

You can use any of these methods to pay your TNEB Bill online.

Requirement for TNEB Online bill payment

  • You need your Consumer Number
  • You need your mobile number
  • Payment method – Debit card / Credit Card / Netbanking / UPI

If you have all these, you can easily make TNEB online bill payment through mentioned methods. Make sure you check your TNEB reading details first.

TNEB Reading Complaint

If you have any Tamil Nadu Power Supply complaint or any grievance related to TNEB reading details or wrong bill payment, you can contact the TANGEDO customer care service. Here is how you can use the toll free number or TNEB customer service for complaint regarding wrong eb reading –

Contact numbers –

  • 044-28521109
  • 044-28524422
  • 9445850811 (Whatsapp)

Official toll free number for TNEB reading complaint is 1912.

TNEB reading too high – What to do?

If your TNEB electricity bill reading is too high, you can submit a request for rechecking your electricity bill. For that, go to TNEB grievance page and use following method –

  • Open
  • Login to Consumer Complaints Gateway
  • Submit complaint about correction in TNEB reading details
  • Note the reference number for further tracking

This is how you can make correction in your TNEB reading details easily.

TNEB Reading FAQs

What is consumer number in TNEB?

TNEB consumer number is the serial number of consumer in the record of electricity connection holders. The consumer number is used to identify a connection in Tamil Nadu.

Is email address important for TNEB registration?

Yes, Tamil Nadu electricity board registration cannot be done without email address.

Can I change my TNEB user ID?

No, you cannot change your TNEB account user id after registration.

What is ASD in Tamil Nadu Electricity Board?

ASD stands for adequacy of Security Deposit.

My TNEB reading is more than my consumption, what should I do?

Contact on following contact numbers if your TNEB reading is more than consumption – 044-28520131.

How to find TNEB Consumer number?

TNEB consumer number is printed in bill receipt of TANGEDCO. It is also written on the electricity meter of your Tamil Nadu State Board connection.

How to do name transfer in TNEB online?

You need to visit the official website of and then download the name transfer form. In form 1, fill the details as asked. A Rs.80 indemnity bond / Non judicial stamp paper must be submitted for TNEB name transfer.

How to find out TNEB service number?

TNEB Service number is a 12-digit number that can be checked in the electricity bill receipt. The format of TNEB service number is 04-111-000-1111.

How to pay tneb online payment without login?

You can use Paytm, Mobikwik or other online bill payment websites and apps to make TNEB bill payment without login. You need only your consumer number for that.

How to change email id in TNEB online payment?

Login to and then go to Update profile option. There, you can change your email id in TNEB payment account.

How to download TNEB bill?

On the payment page, enter your consumer number, mobile number and submit form to download TNEB bill online. TNEB வாசிப்பு விவரங்களை ஆன்லைனில் சரிபார்க்கவும்

Also check –

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