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UIDAI has enabled online Aadhar card status enquiry process on the official website. Any Aadhar card holder can visit and check Aadhar status online. On the official resident portal of UIDAI, users can check if their Aadhar card is generated or updated. For that, they need the reference number that UIDAI provides them with. The reference number is called SRN, URN or ARN according to the type of application.

Learn complete details about how to check Aadhar card status online here.

Step 1 – Visit the UIDAI resident portal

The first step to check Aadhar card status is to visit the official resident portal. The web address for UIDAI’s resident portal is . When you visit that link, you will see option to check status of Aadhar card.

Step 2 – Enter EID number in the form

In the status enquiry form that you see there, you need to enter your Enrollment number. The enrollment number is written on the application receipt which you must have received from the Aadhar card enrollment center. EID is printed in following format – 1234/12345/12345 . EID is a 14-digit number separated into three sections.

Aadhar card status enquiry form

When you enter the EID, make sure that you are entering correct reference number. Also, make sure that you have your Aadhar card linked mobile number there with you.

Step 3 – Write Date and Time of Enrollment

In the form, next to the EID, you have to enter the date and time of Aadhar card enrollment. To check status, you need to enter exact time as mentioned in the acknowledgement receipt. The date is in the format of DD/MM/YYYY and the time is in the format of HH/MM/SS . Do not enter space between date and time.

Step 4 – Verify the captcha code

After entering the EID number and Date/Time, you need to go to second part of the Aadhar card status enquiry form. You will see a verification image there, on which some alpha-numeric codes are printed. Enter the exact code in the form beside Captcha. Make sure you enter correct captcha text as printed to check Aadhar status.

Captcha code at Aadhar card status enquiry page

Step 5 – Click on the blue button there

Once filled, the application needs to be submitted. For that, you need to click on the ‘Check Status’ button at the bottom of the page. Once you click the button, UIDAI’s website will verify the entered details and show you current status of Aadhar card application.

So this is how you can check Aadhar card status online using resident portal. Even though UIDAI has enabled most of the Aadhar card related services on its website, there are multiple instances when you might find it hard. In that case, you can visit the nearest Aadhar card enrollment center and ask them to check your Aadhar card status offline.

They will ask you to provide them with the printed acknowledgement receipt for that. So make sure you have your Aadhar enrollment receipt with you.

Also, you can contact the official Aadhar card helpline number to find out your Aadhar card status. The official Aadhar card status enquiry number is 1947.

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