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Check PGVCL Bill Payment Status – Gujarat Electricity Bill Payment History


PGVCL Online Bill Payment System of Gujarat electricity board provided option to check PGVCL bill payment status online. For that, you are required to visit the official website of http://www.pgvcl.com . You can PGVCL Bill Payment History as well as submit online bill payment query. Here, we are going to discuss the process to check bill status of PGVCL Gujarat.

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How to check PGVCL Bill payment status online?

To check the PGVCL payment status of electricity bill, there are multiple options. The best option is to go to the official website and check for payment history. The payment history option is available at www.pgvcl.in -> History -> Payment History login page. Check detailed guide here.

PGVCL Bill payment status online search

  • Go to http://www.pgvcl.in/.
  • Open https://www.pgvcl.in:7015/PortalWeb/ app manager Launch Portal and go to Launch Desktop page.
  • On the front page below the login form, click on payment status.
  • You will see a Quick Pay Status option on the next page.
  • Select Payment Search form.
  • Enter your PGVCL consumer number.
  • Enter your payment ref number
  • Click on search button.
  • Your PGVCL bill payment status shall get displayed.
pgvcl bill payment status

Submit PGVCL Online Complaint about Payment

If your bill payment status is not updated or you have any complaint to make about the electricity bill payment status in Gujarat, you can use the online query option to submit complaint about PGVCL payment status –

  • Go to http://www.pgvcl.com/paymentquery/.
  • Then open PGVCL Online Payment Consumer Complaint / Suggestion Form.
  • Enter your consumer number
  • Enter your name and email.
  • Provide your payment amount and payment date
  • Select your mode of payment
  • Choose where your payment started at.
  • Enter bank name and payment reference number
  • Submit details about your complaint related to PGVCL payment status
  • Attach document like screenshot of payment or reference SMS.
  • Submit the form and wait for some officer to respond.

So this is how you can contact PGVCL in case you have any query related to payment status.

Important news updates related to payment status and history

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