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Check Bihar Ration Card List 2023 – New List


Bihar Government issues Ration card to those poor families who need food supplies on subsidized rates. Every applicant of Bihar ration card is checked for eligibility and is then issued a Ration Card in the name of family. The ration card has list of all eligible family members.

The ePDS website manages the list of Ration card holders in Bihar. Here is how you can search name in Ration card list and download pdf list of Ration card holders in your village, Panchayat, Ward, District and Locality.

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How to check Ration Card List in Bihar?

Time needed: 20 minutes.

Bihar Ration Card Lists are generated by the Public Distribution Sytem of Bihar Government. The list of ration card holders in Bihar is then uploaded on the ePDS website of Bihar Government. Follow this guide to search new Bihar ration card list in 2023.

  1. Go to the ePDS website.

    Bihar Government has established official website of Ration card. The website is called ePDS website. To visit the official ration card list website of Bihar, go to following URL – http://epds.bihar.gov.in/DistrictWiseRationCardDetailsBH.aspx

  2. Select name of district

    After opening the ePDS website, you will see an option to select the name of your district, of which you want the Ration card list. The scroll option has all the districts of Bihar, so you can search name in Bihar ration card list for your district.

  3. Click on number below Urban or Rural option

    There are two types of Ration card list in Bihar ePDS website. The first one is Urban Ration Card List and the second one is Rural Ration card list. Based on the type of residence, you need to choose which list you want to search. So if your residence is in rural area, you should open Rural Bihar Ration Card List, else, open Urban.

  4. Click on the name of block from the list there

    On the next page, you will see all the blocks in your districts. Select the name of your block by clicking on the name. For example, if you want to open list of Baruraj, click on Baruraj and it will give you Bihar Ration card list of Baruraj block.

  5. Select your Panchayat from the list on next page

    On the next page that appears, you will see all the panchayats of your selected block. If you want Ration card list of a certain panchayat, click of it’s name and open the Panchayat ration card list page. Here, we are selecting Motipur panchayat for the Ration card list.

  6. Click on the name of your village on next page.

    After opening the Panchayat list, you will see list of villages in the Panchayat. When you click on the name of your village, you will see Ration card list of that village in Bihar. Here, we are selecting Motipur village to check there’s Bihar ration card list.

  7. Choose your Dealer’s name to open Bihar Ration card list

    In the next page of Bihar Ration card list process, you will see list of all the dealers in the village. Dealers are those agents who distribute the food supply to the local Ration card holders. It will have list of all dealers in the area.

Using the above process, you can easily download Bihar ration card new list for your village/Panchayat or district. If you want to search your name in Ration card list of Bihar, you need to click on the Ration card number from the Ration card list there. Apply online for bihar ration card at sfc bihar gov in.

When you click on the number, a printable Ration card will appear on the next screen with list of beneficiaries. The list of beneficiaries will have names of members of the family that the ration card is issued to.

FAQ about Bihar Ration Card List

What is Bihar ration card list?

Bihar ration card list is the list of all the ration card holders in a certain Panchayat, Village or block. It has names of all the beneficiaries and other details.

Who provides ration card list in Bihar?

Official website of the EPDS or Public Distribution System provides Bihar ration card list.

How can I check my ration card in Bihar?

You can check ration card in Bihar by opening ePDS portal and download ration card list from there.

How can I make my ration card online in Bihar?

You cannot. Instead, you need to visit your local PDS office and fill the offline Ration card application form. The application, after verification, will help you in getting new Ration card in Bihar.

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