YouTube Vanced is an android app that provides additional benefits than normal YouTube app. The YouTube vanced app provides you with features like ad blocker, background playing of videos etc. Now, we are not sure if the YouTube Vanced app is legal, therefore we are not providing you with the direct download link for Mod APK. However, you can check how to download YouTube Vanced APK and install it here.

YouTube Vanced Mod APK Download

How to download YouTube Vanced mod apk file?

There are many websites that provide direct download links of the YouTube Vanced app. These websites have multiple mirror links for the mod APK.

To download YouTube Vanced mod APK file, use following process –

  • Go to any mod apk store
  • Search for YouTube Vanced
  • Open the download page
  • Click on the APK download link
  • Scan the app before installing
  • Install and use YouTube Vanced on your android phone.

There are, however different set of instructions for downloading and using YouTube Vanced without root and root. Use following guide for that.

YouTube Vanced mod APK Installation

How to install YouTube Vanced Mod APK in rooted device?

  1. Download Vanced Manager.

  2. Install Vanced Manager APK in phone.

  3. Grant Superuser access to the Vanced Manager App.

  4. In the Android framework of system, disable signature verification.

  5. Use Magisk module for signature disabling.

  6. Click on the Install button on YouTube Vanced mod APK file.

  7. The App will be installed in your phone.

YouTube Vanced App Features

The new 2024 YouTube Vanced Mod App has following fetures –

  • Seamless YouTube streaming
  • Watching and downloading live videos
  • Background Video Play
  • Picture in Picture
  • Premium features
  • No Ads or ad blocking feature

These benefits shall be given in all YouTube Vanced mod apk files.


Should you download YouTube Vanced APK?

No, according to our advice, you should not download the apk file.

Is YouTube Vanced mod app legal?

We think it might not be legal. We recommend not using it.

Do we provide direct download link for YouTube Vanced?

No, we do not provide direct download links for the YouTube vanced app.