WhatsApp is reportedly testing an integrated AI chatbot in its latest beta version, aiming to enhance the user experience with upcoming features. The focus is on the AI chatbot, undergoing beta testing and expected to offer natural and lifelike conversations.

Meta, the parent company of WhatsApp, had previously announced plans to incorporate an AI chatbot across its platforms. Leveraging the advanced Llama 2 language model, the chatbot will be able to provide answers through web searches, thanks to collaboration with Microsoft Bing.

In the most recent WhatsApp beta version (v2.23.24.26), users can easily launch the AI chatbot through a shortcut placed above the Chat button in the Chats tab. This enables them to perform various tasks within the application.

Currently, the AI chatbot is only accessible to a select group of WhatsApp beta users as Meta finalizes its development. However, it is expected that the feature will be made available to all users in the near future. Please note that participation in the beta program is currently at full capacity, and users need to be part of the program to experience the AI chatbot feature.

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