Watch YouTube on Samsung b355e and Samsung Metro/Java?

Youtube is the most popular website on Internet for watching videos. Youtube has become a part of daily culture. However, still, there are many mobile phone users who cannot download YouTube app for their phone. Samsung Keypad users, Samsung metro users and other models like Samsung B355E don’t have a preloaded Youtube app for watching videos on Youtube.

Therefore, for the users of Samsung keypad phones, here are ways to watch Youtube videos online.

Methods to watch Youtube on Samsung B355E and Keypad phones

Samsung B355E like many other Samsung Java phone models, supports java apps. So you can download Samsung java apps from Samsung store or other Java mobile app stores. Luckily, there is a Java Youtube App that can be downloaded on Java mobile phones like Samsung b355e.

Here are some of the ways you can play Youtube on Samsung b355E phones.

  1. Download JAVA Youtube App for Samsung B355E

    One of the best options for watching Youtube on Samsung Java phone is to download the Java version of Youtube. Here are some of the websites where you can download Java Youtube App – , , , , etc. These websites have direct download links for Java Youtube Apps that can be played on Samsung Metro and Samsung B355E phones.

  2. Open Youtube in Opera Mobile App for Samsung b355E

    Another option is to download Opera Mobile App from Java store and browse Youtube in Opera Mobile. Opera is one of the oldest mobile browser. Opera has a java app and you can browse Youtube in Samsung phones through Opera mobile app easily. So go to and download Opera mobile app.

  3. Play Youtube in Samsung B355E through UC Browser

    Another popular browser that is available on Java store is UC Browser. UC Browser lets you play Youtube on Samsung Metro phones and Samsung B355E phones easily. So if you are having trouble downloading direct Youtube App or Opera, then you can download UC Browser and play Youtube in Samsung phones easily.

So these are some of the easy methods that can be used to watch Youtube in Samsung Java Phones like b355E.

Download Youtube For Samsung B355E and Samsung Java Phones

If you want to download Youtube Java App for Samsung b355e, here are direct download links –

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