TN Abolition of Bonded Labour System – How to avail scheme benefit?

Since independence of the country, India has been against the bonded labour system. Therefore, the government of India has passed a bill regarding abolition of bonded labour system. If you are in state of tamil nadu and want to complaint against any bonded labour or want to freed, here is a government scheme for you.

Tamil Nadu Abolition of Bonded Labour System

Name of SchemeTN Abolition of Bonded Labour System
StateTamil Nadu
AuthorityLabour and Employment Department
BeneficiaryCitizens of Tamil Nadu
Application ProcessOffline

How to get benefit of Abolition of Bonded Labour System?

If you want to be freed from being a bonded labour in state of Tamil Nadu, you are required to use following steps –

  1. Find the office of Collector / Sub Collector / RDO

  2. Visit the Collector / Sub Collector / RDO office with your ID details

  3. Provide information related to Bonded Labour Case

  4. Submit proof as asked and assist with officers

  5. Avail the financial assistance of the scheme

TN Abolition of Bonded Labour System – Benefits

Following benefits are available for all people who use the bonded labour abolition scheme –

  • Person who is kept as the bonded labour is released from the bond.
  • Rehabilitation of the bonded labour is done.
  • Financial assistance of Rs.20000 is granted for it.
  • Rs.1000 is given instantly upon the bonded labour releasing.
  • Housing benefit schemes are provided to the beneficiary.
  • Free water connection is given.
  • Bank loan is provided to the freed person for further business assistance.

Scheme related FAQs

Who gets benefit of the bonded labour abolition system?

Any citizen who is bonded to be a labour by any contract can get benefit of the scheme.

Who are the beneficiary of the scheme?

SC and ST people of Tamil Nadu State are beneficiaries of this scheme.

Can I apply for the scheme online?

No, online application is not available for this scheme.

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