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TNEB Aadhaar Link Online and Check TANGEDCO Aadhar Link Status


If you are a TNEB consumer and you have not linked your TNEB Account with Aadhar number, you should do it at once. TANGEDCO Aadhar linking is important and if you have not linked Aadhar with TNEB, your further bill payment may not be done properly. TANGEDCO has made it mandatory for Consumers to link Aadhar card with their TNEB account to get their subsidy. Check your TNEB Consumer number here.

Name of ServiceTNEB Aadhar Card Link or TANGEDCO Aadhar Linking
AuthorityTamil Nadu Electricity Board
Official websitehttps://nsc.tnebltd.gov.in/
BenefitConsumers will get subsidy only if their TANGEDCO account is linked with Aadhar.

TNEB Aadhar Card Link with TANGEDCO Consumer Account

How to link TNEB Account with Aadhar card using TANGEDCO portal?

  1. Go to https://nsc.tnebltd.gov.in/adharupload/

    First, you have to open the official website link of TNEB Aadhar linking. For that, type https://nsc.tnebltd.gov.in/adharupload/ in your browser and visit the website.

  2. Enter your TANGEDCO Service Number.

    You will see a form there in which you are required to enter your connection details. Now, in the form for Aadhar linking, enter your TANGEDCO Service Connection Number. You will be shown your registered mobile number. You have to verify the number for your registered TNEB Electricity connection.

  3. Confirm and generate OTP.

    Once your TNEB mobile number is verified, you are now required to Generate OTP. It is important to get OTP and verify your number using the One time password to start the TNEB Aadhar linking process. Enter OTP and verify your TANGEDCO account.

  4. Enter the Occupants details.

    Now, once your OTP is verified, you have enter the details of TNEB connection occupant. The person who is registered owner of the electricity connection needs to be mentioned in the form. This is for the verification of KYC for Aadhar linking.

  5. Enter Aadhar details.

    Enter Aadhar number to be linked with the TANGEDCO Account. After that, Enter your name as in Aadhar. For the same UID number, Upload your Aadhar ID in digital format there. Submit the form and save your acknowledgement receipt.

TNEB Aadhar Link with TANGEDCO Account
TNEB Aadhar Link with TANGEDCO Account

TNEB Aadhar Link Status Check

Once you submit the form for linking Aadhar with TANGEDCO account, you will get a confirmation SMS. Then, your details will be verified. After the verification has been done, you will get the SMS of whether your TANGEDCO Account Aadhar linking has been done or not.

You can also go to TANGEDCO login page and check your Aadhar linking status.

Also, you can use the same method again to try linking Aadhar and it will show if your TNEB Aadhar linking has been done already or not.

If you are facing problem with TANGEDCO Aadhar linking, you can submit your grievance on the TNEGA portal too.

TANGEDCO Aadhar upload on adhar.tnebltd.org

When you go to the tneb aadhaar link online page, you are asked to upload Aadhar to the official website. You need to take scanned copy of your Aadhar card and then upload it to the tnebltd aadhaar upload page. When you visit the https //www.tnebltd.gov.in/adharupload website, you are provided with a box to select file. You need to click on that box and then select the file which has the copy of your Aadhar card.

What is the last date to link Aadhar with TNEB?

TNEB Aadhaar link last date hasn’t been announced yet. However, we recommend you to upload Aadhar to TNEB portal before the tneb aadhaar link last date.

What if I do not link eb with Aadhar?

You should complete the aadhaar eb number link process because if you do not get aadhar card link with eb number, you will not get government subsidy in your bill. That will cause you to get bigger electricity bills that other people.

New tneb aadhar update – Date for Aadhar update in TNEB number has been continued. You can still link your TNEB number with Aadhar online.

TNEB Login – How to log in to the TANGEDCO login page?

To login into the TNEB login page or TANGEDCO login dashboard, use following method –

  1. Go to https://www.tnebnet.org/
  2. Click on Login button.
  3. It will open the TNEB login form.
  4. You can directly visit TANEGDCO login page by clicking here – https://www.tnebnet.org/awp/login
  5. Enter your TNEB login User ID and password.
  6. Submit the form to login into the TANGEDCO payment gateway.

TNEB new user registration

For new user registration, click here and then enter your acknowledgement number. Click on check details button to start the registration process.

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FAQs about TNEB Aadhar Card Linking

Is it mandatory to link TNEB with aadhar card?

Yes, now all TNEB consumers have to link their TANGEDCO Account with Aadhar. It has become mandatory to get subsidy. If you do not link Aadhar, you will get bill with non-subsidized rates.

What if my name in Aadhar is different from that in TNEB consumer account?

You can get that corrected through local CSC center.

Why is TANGEDCO Aadhar linking website not opening?

Sometimes, there are server issues because of heavy load on the website. That is a reason why it might not be opening. You should wait and try again.

What is the website to link TNEB with Aadhar?

To link TNEB account with Aadhar, use following link – https://nsc.tnebltd.gov.in/adharupload/.

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