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Self Declaration Form for Driving License in Punjab


What is Self-declaration and self declaration form?

Self declaration means declare our self. You acknowledge about your self. Self declaration form is very important document. It is also known as form-1. The form needs to be filled by you and authorized to be used as your identity proof validation document. It is the declaration form which show about your physical fitness and driving ability. By ability of driving, you mean that you are able to drive a vehicle in a good way and that you won’t be a threat on road because of lack of driving skills.

Punjab Self Declaration Form Download

To download the form, You have to select your state and go to the state driving license application page. There, you’ll be able to see the form on the left side of the page. You can download this form easily. After downloading you can print this form and fill for attesting with driving license application.

How to fill Self Declaration Form for Driving License in Punjab?


Steps to fill the self declaration form in Punjab for driving license –

  1. Firstly, You have to enter RTO office code.

  2. Enter your full name.

  3. Enter your date of birth.

  4. Enter your full address with post code.

  5. Enter your phone number with STD code.

  6. You have to also enter mobile number.

  7. After that select day/evening.

Fill the Confidential Declaration Form

After filling the above part of self declaration form, you need to fill the confidential declaration form using following steps –

  • Click on “The full clean driving license”.
  • Click on “My vehicle does not require an MOT certificate”.
  • Click on “My vehicle is properly serviced and maintained”.
  • Click on “I have no outside conviction”.
  • Tick on” I confirm that I have appropriate insurance”.

After filling the form, you have to sign on this form and put the date.
This form is valid for 12 months from the given date. By filling this form you can extend insurance or MOT certificate.

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