SBI KYC Form PDF Online – SBI KYC Update

What is KYC details in SBI Bank?

KYC is the “Know Your Customer”. RBI started the KYC  for all banks in 2002. KYC is conducted by the Reserve Bank of India for identification of customers. RBI works with the help of different banks and other financial institutions. This  KYC process helps to secure the banks services.

Why SBI KYC is important?

KYC is very important for banks to keep the information of their customers.  This service updated the information of the customers and make sure to provide best service . The main objective of KYC guidelines is to prevent by criminal elements for money laundering activities. It provides precaution against illegal activities . It is necessary to identify and verifying the identity of the client  or customer of bank when they come to bank after a long time.

Update 2024 – You can also get the SBI KYC form directly from bank. You will have to submit the filled form the the branch manager for completing the KYC of your account. You can also do the SBI KYC through Yono App.

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SBI KYC Form PDF Download

How to download SBI KYC Form in PDF?

  • Go to SBI official website
  • Go to form section.
  • Open the form list and choose the KYC forms.
  • Search B-069-13-KYC Form for Individual.
  • Download KYC Form PDF.

After that, open the PDF KYC form for SBI in Acrobat reader. Press Ctrl + P and then print it. Fill the form and submit to the bank.

SBI KYC Form Online

How to fill online SBI KYC PDF form and do KYC update online for SBI bank account?

Steps to fill the KYC application form –

  1. At first, You have to enter your name.

  2. Enter father’s name  or spouse name.

  3. Now, select your gender.(male or female)

  4. Select Martial status. (single/married)

  5. Enter your date of birth.

  6. Select Nationality.

  7. Select status. (Resident/non-resident/foreign)

  8. Enter your PAN number.

  9. Now you have to enter unique identification number(UID)/Aadhaar number.

  10. Now, enter the proof of identity.(PAN card or others)

  11. Enter your correspondence address.

  12. Enter your contact details like phone no., mobile no., fax and email id.

  13. Now, enter your permanent address.

  14. You have to specify the proof of permanent address.

  15. Enter your Annual income details.

  16. Now, enter your occupation.

  17. Click on politically exposed person(it is optional)

  18. Enter any other information.(If you want)

  19. Enter date of submission.

So this is how you can do SBI KYC update online. Make sure that you download SBY KYC Form in PDF and print it. After that, fill accordingly and attest required documents before submitting the application form to the SBI bank account online.

List of people authorized to attest the documents

1. Notary Public, Gazetted Officer, Manager of a Scheduled Commercial/Co-operative Bank or Multinational Foreign Banks(Name, Designation & Seal should be affixed on the copy).
2. In case of NRIs, authorized officials of overseas branches of scheduled commercial Banks registered in India, Notary Public, Court magistrate, Judge, Indian Embassy/Consulate General in the country where the client resides are permitted to attest the documents.


IS SBI KYC important?

Yes, KYC for all SBI bank accounts – saving and current is important.

Can I do my SBI KYC online?

Yes, you can submit the SBI KYC request online too.

How can I download the SBI KYC PDF form?

Go to SBI official website and in the forms section, search for the B-069-13-KYC Form for Individual. Fill the form and submit.

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