Renesas Electronics has revealed details about its fifth-generation R-Car System-on-Chip (SoC) that brings improvements for high-performance applications. The new technology includes in-package chiplet integration, offering automotive engineers more flexibility to customize designs. One key advantage is the ability to integrate AI accelerators into a single chip, enabling enhanced AI performance in Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS).

Additionally, Renesas Electronics has announced plans for two advancements in its next-generation R-Car family of Microcontroller Units (MCUs). Firstly, the company is developing a new crossover MCU series designed to deliver high performance for domain and zone Electronic Control Units (ECUs) in next-gen automobile architectures. These MCUs aim to bridge the gap between traditional MCUs and advanced R-Car SoCs. Secondly, Renesas will introduce a dedicated MCU platform tailored to the vehicle control market. Both MCUs will be integrated into the industry-leading R-Car family, providing automotive engineers with scalable options and software reusability.

To align with the automotive industry’s “shift left” approach, Renesas plans to offer a virtual software development environment as part of its roadmap. These software tools will allow customers to design and test software earlier in the development process, accelerating development without compromising quality.

Vivek Bhan, Senior Vice President and Co-General Manager at Renesas, stated that this roadmap was the result of years of collaboration with Tier 1 and OEM customers. Renesas aims to support customers in speeding up their development processes and achieving their goals by investing in shift left and software-first innovations, deploying new scalable embedded processors, and enhancing their network of development tools.