RBL Bank Credit Card Bill Payment Online – RBL Card Bill Payment

RBL Bank credit card payment – This article has detailed information about RBL Bank credit card payment procedure and different modes of payment available to make credit card bill payment.

RBL Bank Credit card payment

All the card holders of the RBL Bank have to clear their bills at the end of every month. On behalf of the users, paying bills on time is their priority in order to avoid hefty charges and a bad credit score. To ensure this the RBL Bank has introduced various ways to pay credit card bills which include both offline and online modes for making payment.

Online process of RBL Bank credit card bill payment

The RBL Bank has introduced various online modes for the card holders to make payment of their credit card bills. All the methods are simple and require only a few documentations. Through an online process customers can easily pay their credit card bills while sitting at home.

RBL Credit card payment using net banking

How to pay RBL Credit card bill using net banking online?

  1. Open the official RBL net banking website portal.

  2. From the home page login by entering your username and password.

  3. From the menu bar go to the bill payment option then choose to add the biller option.

  4. Next add the RBL credit card as your biller.

  5. Once you add the card then you can make the payment enter your details like amount to transfer and bank account from where the amount will be debited.

  6. Check all the details carefully and click on the instant pay option once the payment is done you will get a receipt.

RBL credit card bill payment using other Bank net banking

  • First add your RBL Bank credit card as the biller in the net banking account of any other bank as per your wish.
  • You can pay the funds directly from your savings account.
  • After a successful payment process you will get a receipt on the next day. While the limit is released on the very same day of payment.
  • You will receive a confirmation message on your registered mobile number and email ID.

Credit card payment through MyCard mobile banking

  • Go to the official RBL Bank MyCard app on your Android phone device.
  • Next go to make payment option there all your credit card details will be reflected.
  • Now select the amount and mode of payment.
  • Now make payment it will be instantly made.

Credit card payment using Billdesk

  • Open the RBL bill desk website portal.
  • Now read the guidelines given on the page then continue.
  • Enter your credit card information, your registered email id and mobile number, and select your preferred mode of payment.
  • Confirm the payment then click on the submit option.
  • Once payment is successfully made a confirmation message will come on your registered mobile number.

RBL credit card bill payment using UPI

  • First card holders need to choose between the net banking or the RBL Bank MyCard app in order to use UPI as a mode of payment.
  • From the homepage click on the bill payment option which is given under the credit card option.
  • Next click on the UPI option and enter the VPA option.
  • To continue, choose the request option.
  • Now on your mobile device open the UPI application and make payment.
  • The amount will be credited to the card account immediately.
  • Card holders should keep in mind that they cannot pay for the RBL Bank credit card bill through the UPI system using the account number and IFSC code.

Payment of credit card bill through NEFT and IFSC code

  • Open the official net banking account of any Bank of your choice.
  • From the menu bar click on the fund transfer option which is followed by the NEFT option.
  • Next add beneficiary and enter information like name of the RBL Bank credit card as the payee name.
  •  Account number of the payee, bank name, RBL Bank IFSC code , and branch location.
  • Now make payment using your savings account the money will be automatically debited to pay your Credit Card bill.

Payment of credit card through RTGS via IFSC code

  • First log in to the net banking portal then add a credit card on the beneficiary list.
  • Now go to the fund transfer option then click on RTGS option.
  • To continue, select a card from the given list of beneficiaries.
  • Now enter the amount to transfer then make a RBL Bank credit card payment.

Payment of credit card using NACH via any other bank

  • First the card holder is required to register for the service by sending a form to the RBL bank.
  • Once the registration process is completed the amount will be automatically debited every month from your account.
  • The user can disable the system anytime.

Bill payment of credit card using debit card

  • Open the net banking account then select the credit card option which is given under the bill payment tab.
  • Next select the debit card from the given drop down list then select Razorpay or bill desk.
  • To continue entering your card details, amount and your registered email id then click on the submit option.
  • Fill correct debit card information for your bank then submit.
  • Your request will be processed and the amount will be credited to your credit card.

RBL credit card bill payment by cash

  • Visit the nearby RBL Bank branch and there make a direct cash payment.
  • In case if the card holder needs to make payment for more than rupees 50000 then he needs to provide his PAN card and a fee of rupees 250 + GST for the process.
  • While the limit is released on the very same day
  • While the limit is released on the very same day but the payment is credited on the next working day.

Bill payment of credit card through cheque

  • Credit card bills can be paid through a cheque.
  • While the card holder can deposit the cheque at the bank or can send it through courier.
  • The Bank doesn’t charge any additional charges for the service.
  • It is advisable for the user to deposit the check in advance in order to avoid any overdue of the bill.

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