A newly developed app named Pedi STAT is revolutionizing the way caregivers administer medication to children. Created by emergency physician James Kempema, this innovative app aims to ensure accurate medication doses for children, based on the creator’s personal experiences in pediatric emergency care.

Key Features of Pedi STAT

  • Calculated Medication Doses and Volumes: Pedi STAT offers caregivers a reliable resource for quickly and easily accessing accurate medication doses and volumes.
  • Burn Size Estimation: The app also includes a feature that helps estimate burn size, enabling caregivers to provide appropriate treatment.
  • Fluid Resuscitation Rates: Pedi STAT provides guidance on fluid resuscitation rates to ensure children receive appropriate hydration in emergency situations.
  • Toxicology Guidelines: The app incorporates toxicology guidelines, helping caregivers make informed decisions when dealing with potential poisoning cases.
  • Customizable for EMS Agencies: Pedi STAT is available in two versions – one for general use and another customizable version for EMS providers. The customizable version allows EMS agencies to tailor the app to their specific medications, dosages, and concentrations.

Pedi STAT proves to be an invaluable tool for individuals involved in the care of children, ranging from EMTs and paramedics to emergency department teams and hospital staff.

More Information about Pedi STAT

  • The app is compatible with both iOS and Android devices, making it widely accessible to caregivers.
  • Pedi STAT offers a more affordable option compared to other major competitors in the market.
  • It is seamlessly integrated within the Paramedic Protocol Provider app developed by AcidRemap, LLC.

If you are a caregiver working with children, don’t miss out on this incredible resource. Visit Pedi STAT for more information on how this app can enhance your ability to provide safe and effective care to children in need.

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