Nintendo’s Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars, the beloved game from the ’90s, is returning with a remake that celebrates the company’s unique approach to character representation. Fans have been eagerly anticipating if iconic characters like Zelda’s Link, Metroid’s Samus, and Donkey Kong would make a comeback in this highly anticipated release, and the answer is an exciting yes!

The remake captures the essence of the original game by including surprising cameos from popular characters. As players explore, they may stumble upon Link quietly sleeping in a nearby bed. Approaching him prompts a conversation option, accompanied by the enchanting Zelda musical sting. Donkey Kong’s appearance, known as “Guerilla,” is reminiscent of his original avatar, complete with a crown that enhances the resemblance. Throughout the game, players must be cautious of an adversary who throws barrels at Mario in homage to Donkey Kong’s classic gameplay.

The remake also features several other captivating cameos that add to the excitement. Venturing into Booster’s Tower reveals the presence of an impressive mech from Final Fantasy VI. Moreover, players will encounter a box with a Samus figure, as well as appearances by Diskun and Famicom ROB. Samus herself can be found nestled in a bed, preparing for a critical encounter with her nemesis, Mother Brain. Additionally, Bahamut from the Final Fantasy series seamlessly transitions into the game, alongside a shopkeeper who offers an awe-inspiring collection of F-Zero vehicles.

In a delightful nod to Mario’s brother, Luigi, the game cleverly incorporates a subtle reference. Although Luigi doesn’t appear in his full form, Mario mischievously stumbles upon Luigi’s secret wish on Star Hill, adding a touch of sibling rivalry and humor to the storyline.

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