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Nadakacheri – CV, Online Application, Status (

Ads is official website of Nadakacheri Karnataka. The website provides online application for certificates and government schemes. It has option to check application status, certificate verification or Nadakacheri CV, and online application for certificate like Karnataka Caste Certificate, Income Certificate, Widow Pension, Residence certificate etc. www nadakacheri karnataka gov in has CV service and other Karnataka government services.

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Nadakacheri CV – Certificate Verification at

Certificate verification at Nadakacheri portal can be done using acknowledgement number of your Nadakacheri caste certificate application. It also has a bar code verification option for CV. Nadakacheri CV can be done at .

nadakacheri certificate verification CV

For certificate verification at Nadakacheri CV website, use following steps –

  • Go to
  • Open Nadakacheri CV page or Certificate Verification page.
  • In the form, enter your certificate application acknowledgement number.
  • The acknowledgement number is in Nadakacheri application receipt.
  • After entering your reference number for CV, click on Show certificate details option.
  • After that, your Ndakacheri certificate verification will be done.

You will be displayed with the digital version of your certificate. You can use that as Nadakacheri paperless certificate. You can also print CV using Ctrl+P. Print Nadakacheri CV as PDF or XPS or print through printer directly.

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Nadakacheri CV – List of certificate verification available on www nadakacheri karnataka gov in

Following certificate verification can be done at the Nadakacheri CV portal –

  • Acid Victim Pension Verification
  • Agricultural Family member cer Verification
  • Agricultural Labour Certficate Verification
  • Agriculturist Certificate Verification
  • Anthya Samskara Yojane Verification
  • Attestation of Family Tree Verification
  • Bonafide Certificate Verification
  • Caste and Income Certficate Verification
  • Caste Certificate (Cat-A) Verification
  • Caste Certificate (SC/ST) Verification
  • Crop Certificate Verification
  • Domicile Certificate Verification
  • Farmer Widow Pension Verification
  • HK Region Residence and Eligibility Verification
  • Income Certificate Verification
  • Income Certificate for compass for Employment Verification
  • Income Certificate for Employment Verification
  • Indira Gandhi National Old Age Pension Verification
  • Land holding Certificate Verification
  • Land less Certificate Verification
  • Living Certificate Verification
  • Manaswini Verification
  • Minority Certificate Verification
  • Mythiri Verification
  • National Family Benefit Scheme Verification
  • No Govt. Job Certificate Verification
  • No Re-Marriage Certificate Verification
  • Non creamy layer Certificate Verification
  • Non Tenancy Certificate Verification
  • OBC Certificate (Central) Verification
  • Physically Handicapped Pension Verification
  • Population Certificate Verification
  • Residence Certificate Verification
  • Sandhya Suraksha Yojane Verification
  • Small / Marginal farmer Certif Verification
  • Solvency Certificate Verification
  • Surviving Family Members Certi Verification
  • Unemployment Certificate Verification
  • Widow Certificate Verification
  • Widow Pension Verification

Nadakacheri Online Application –

At www nadakacheri karnataka gov in, any citizen of Karnataka can apply for certificate online. Nadakacheri online application is used to apply for certificate like Caste certificate application, Income certificate application, OBC certificate application, Residence certificate, etc.

Nadakacheri Online Application – login page

Online application form for Nadakacheri certificate application

To apply online for Nadakacheri certificates, follow these steps –

  • Visit Nada Kacheri login portal
  • Open
  • Login using your mobile number.
  • Click on button to get Nadakacheri OTP for online application.
  • Enter the OTP and login into Nadakacheri application form.
  • Select the type of application you want to fill.
  • Choose your certificate or scheme at Nadakacheri application portal.
  • Submit the form and apply online.


NadaKacheri Login Page –

Click here to visit Nadakacheri login page online.

Nadakacheri Application Status Online – Atalji JanSnehi Kendra

At, Nadakacheri Atalji Jansnehi Kendra portal can be opened. The NKApp portal is used to check Nadakacheri application status online. You can check caste certificate status, income certificate status, OBC certificate status etc at Nadakacheri gov in.

nadakacheri application status / certificate status online
nadakacheri application status / certificate status online

To check application status at Nadakacheri website, follow these steps –

  • Go to Nadakacheri application status page.
  • Click on
  • Select Application type.
  • Choose between RD003 and RD501 application status.
  • Enter Nadakacheri application number.
  • Click on Get Status button to check Nadakacheri application status online.

Following certificate status can be checked at www nadakacheri karnataka gov in

Agricultural Family member certificate StatusLand less Certificate Status
Agricultural Labour Certficate StatusLiving Certificate Status
Agriculturist Certificate StatusIncome Certificate Status
Attestation of Family Tree StatusNo Govt. Job Certificate Status
Bonafide Certificate StatusNo Re-Marriage Certificate Status
Caste and Income Certficate StatusNon creamy layer Certificate Status
Caste Certificate (Cat-A) StatusNon Tenancy Certificate Status
Caste Certificate (SC/ST) StatusOBC Certificate (Central) Status
Domicile Certificate StatusPopulation Certificate Status
HK Region Residence and Eligibility Certficate StatusResidence Certificate Status
Income Certificate for compass for Employment StatusSmall / Marginal farmer Certificate Status
Income Certificate for Employment Certificate StatusSolvency Certificate Status
Land holding Certificate StatusSurviving Family Members Certificate Status
Minority Certificate StatusUnemployment Certificate Status
Economically Weaker Section (EWS) StatusWidow Certificate Status
Nadakacheri certificate status checklist


Nadakacheri Online Application Fees

Official Fees for certificate application at are as follows –

Application typeFees in INR
Nadakacheri Agricultural Family member certificate ApplicationRs. 25
Nadakacheri Agricultural Labour Certficate ApplicationRs. 25
Nadakacheri Agriculturist Certificate ApplicationRs. 25
Nadakacheri Attestation of Family Tree ApplicationRs. 25
Nadakacheri Bonafide Certificate ApplicationRs. 25
Nadakacheri Caste and Income Certficate ApplicationRs. 25
Nadakacheri Caste Certificate (Cat-A) ApplicationRs. 25
Nadakacheri Caste Certificate (SC/ST) ApplicationRs. 25
Nadakacheri Domicile Certificate ApplicationRs. 25
Nadakacheri HK Region Residence and Eligibility Certficate ApplicationRs. 25
Nadakacheri Income Certificate for compass for Employment ApplicationRs. 25
Nadakacheri Income Certificate for Employment Certificate ApplicationRs. 25
Nadakacheri Land holding Certificate ApplicationRs. 25
Nadakacheri Land less Certificate ApplicationRs. 25
Nadakacheri Living Certificate ApplicationRs. 25
Nadakacheri Income Certificate ApplicationRs. 25
Nadakacheri No Govt. Job Certificate ApplicationRs. 25
Nadakacheri No Re-Marriage Certificate ApplicationRs. 25
Nadakacheri Non creamy layer Certificate ApplicationRs. 25
Nadakacheri Non Tenancy Certificate ApplicationRs. 25
Nadakacheri OBC Certificate (Central) ApplicationRs. 25
Nadakacheri Population Certificate ApplicationRs. 25
Nadakacheri Residence Certificate ApplicationRs. 25
Nadakacheri Small / Marginal farmer Certificate ApplicationRs. 25
Nadakacheri Solvency Certificate ApplicationRs. 25
Nadakacheri Surviving Family Members Certificate ApplicationRs. 25
Nadakacheri Unemployment Certificate ApplicationRs. 25
Nadakacheri Widow Certificate ApplicationRs. 25
Nadakacheri Minority Certificate ApplicationRs. 25
Nadakacheri Economically Weaker Section (EWS) ApplicationRs. 25
Nadakacheri online application fees

About Nadakacheri

Name of serviceNadakacheri Karnataka
AuthorityGovernment of Karnataka
DepartmentRevenue Department, Karnataka
Official Website
ServicesOnline certificate application, status enquiry, Certificate verification in Karnataka
ContactClick here for contact details
About Nadakacheri


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