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मौज ऐप कहाँ का है ? Which country Moj App is from?


मौज ऐप के लांच होने और पॉप्युलर होने के बाद सभी लोग यह सोच रहे है – Moj App Kahan Ka Hai? सभी को यह जानना जरुरी है की किस देश के द्वारा मौज ऐप बनाया गया है। चूँकि भारत में चीन के सभी ऐप्स को बंद करने की प्रक्रिया शुरू कर दी गयी है ,इसलिए मौज ऐप को लेकर लोग यह जानना चाहते है की मौज ऐप चाइनीज़ है या इंडियन।

moj app location details

Let’s talk about which country Moj App is made by and more details about Moj App owner and founders. To download Moj App, click here.

Which country Moj App is from?

Moj App is from India. The official country of Moj App is the Republic of India. Made by Indian developers, the application is solely based in India and can be downloaded legally through Indian play store.

The country Moj App is produced in is the great nation of India. The state of Moj App is Karnataka. Karnataka is a south Indian state which is one of the leading location for application development in India. Most of the major apps like Tiktok which are being made in India, are from the same state.

मौज ऐप कहाँ का है ?

Now, if you are wondering where is Moj App from, we are providing complete address details of the Moj App founder and owner.

Moj App owner is Sharechat which is an Indian company based in the city of Bangalore, Karnataka.

Where is Moj App from?

यदि आप भी जानना चाहते हैं की मौज ऐप कहाँ का है , तो यहाँ हमने मौज ऐप के फाउंडर की ऑफिस एड्रेस दी है –

Moj App Owner’s Details

  • Address – Mohalla Tech Private Limited, 3rd floor, Sri Ranga Building, 2/1 Hosur Main Road, DRC Post, Bengaluru 560029
  • Name of Moj App owner company – Mohalla Tech Private Limited
  • Location of Moj App company – Bangalore

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