A 53-year-old man from Mumbai has been granted a compensation of Rs 2 crore (with interest) by the Motor Accident Claims Tribunal after losing his right leg in a tragic accident in 2016. The incident occurred when the man, then a deputy general manager in the FMCG sector, was en route to Datiya in Madhya Pradesh with a friend. They had made a brief stop near a dhaba on the highway when a tanker, traveling in the wrong direction, collided with him while he was urinating.

Man awarded Rs 2 crore compensation after losing leg in tragic accident in Mumbai
Man awarded Rs 2 crore compensation after losing leg in tragic accident in Mumbai – Photo by Habib

While the victim did not directly suffer a financial loss as a result of the accident, the tribunal recognized that his ability to earn money in the future was significantly impacted. Despite the employer retaining him in his position, the court noted that his work performance and earning potential had been negatively affected. The accident’s serious limitations made it difficult for him to move freely and perform his job responsibilities effectively.

The tribunal also acknowledged the permanent and incurable disability of 50 percent that the man now faces, rendering him dependent on assistance. He requires the presence of at least one person and a walking aid for mobility. Simple tasks such as walking, driving, and climbing have become challenging for him, and regular follow-ups for a prosthesis are necessary.

In addition to the compensation for disability, the tribunal awarded Rs 1 lakh for the services provided by the man’s family members. The case was filed in 2017 against the vehicle owner and the insurer. The tribunal held the tanker driver solely responsible for the accident, absolving the petitioner of any contributory role.

The victim initially received treatment at Datiya Hospital and was later brought to Mumbai for further medical attention, where he underwent treatment for a right hip fracture and the amputation below the right knee. The insurance company will be responsible for paying the compensation amount, which exceeds Rs 2 crore.