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KSP Clear Pass Online Apply, Login – Inter District Pass for lockdown in Karnataka


Online pass for lockdown in Karnataka – Karnataka State Police Lockdown pass of KSP Clear Pass application online process is being provided here. For lockdown travelling, everybody is required to login to KSP clear pass website and fill registration form for online lockdown pass in Karnataka, Bangalore.. Then, applicant will be provided with a KSP inter district pass for lockdown.

KSP Clear Pass Application Form Online

Online application form for KSP clear pass can be checked through the KSP clear pass app. KSP Clear pass app is available on Play store for free. Anyone in Bengaluru who wants the Bengaluru police pass or KSP Pass for lockdown, can go to play store and download/intsall KSP clear pass app. Then apply for online lockdown pass in Karnataka.

KSP Clear Pass App Download

To download KSP clear Pass App, use following link – . If you cannot download the KSP clear pass android app, go to my gate website and download APK file. Then install the KSP Clear Pass APK on your android phone to apply for lockdown e pass in Karnataka online.

KSP Inter district Pass

KSP Interdistrcit pass can be applied through the website. For that, you need following requirements –

Requirements for KSP Inter district clear pass

  • Mobile number
  • OTP
  • Aadhar number
  • Information about travelling
  • Vehicle information
  • Journey details like source and destination
  • Number of people travelling

How to apply for KSP Clear pass or Inter district pass online?

  • Go to
  • Then enter your mobile number and login.
  • Use your One time password or KSP Clear Pass OTP to login.
  • Fill the application form or registration form there.
  • Submit documents and upload it.
  • Then, complete the registration process and generate E Pass online.
  • KSP pass will be delivered to you on SMS.

So this is how you can apply online for KSP Clear pass in Karnataka.

KSP Clear Pass Login Page

The registration page for KSP Clear Pass is also called KSP Clear pass login page. The login page requires username and password which are your mobile number and OTP. To login into KSP portal –

  • Go to KSP login page
  • Enter your mobile number in the username section
  • Wait for OTP on the phone
  • Enter the OTP and login

Online Pass for lockdown in Karnataka

Karnataka State Police department is issuing online e pass for lockdown in Karnataka. For that, people are required to provide some details to the police. When those details are verified, police will give you an epass for lockdown in Karnataka.

Check this video for more details about MY Gate KSP Clear Pass for lockdown in Karnataka –

Lockdown Pass in Karnataka – Eligibility

The KSP clear pass for lockdown in Karnataka shall be valid under following conditions only –

  • Applicant is in Karnataka and Bangalore only.
  • Applicant has a valid ID proof
  • Applicant has an emergency requirement of travelling
  • Applicant is above eighteen years old
  • Applicant has uploaded valid document for verification of lockdown pass.

If these cases are met, the applicant shall be provided with the e pass for lockdown in Karnataka.

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