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Jeevan Pramaan Face Authentication App and Complete Process


Government has launched a jeevan pramaan face authentication app which can be used to verify jeevan praman certificate using face biometric method through UIDAI. It makes submitting digital life certificate easily. Pensioners can submit digital life certificate using their mobile phone through the jeevan pramaan face authentication app.

Aadhar Face RD App
Aadhar Face RD App

How to submit life certificate through Aadhar Face RD App?

  1. Download Aadhar FaceRd App from Playstore.
  2. Install RD service and confirm settings in App info.
  3. Download Jeevan Pramaan Face Application from website.
  4. Provide required information.
  5. Download files through the link sent via email.
  6. Now open the app and give required permission.
  7. Open the screen for operator authentication.
  8. Submit the information asked and then confirm client registration success.
  9. Go to pensioner authentication and verify using OTP.
  10. Fill the details and check checkboxes.
  11. Scan for live photograph.
  12. Select yes in the pop-up window if you agree with the screen information.
  13. Click on checkbox and proceed.
  14. Complete face authentication.
  15. DLC Submission appears with Pramaan ID and PPO Number.

For any help with submitting life certificate using Aadhar Face RD App, email at .

Jeevan Pramaan Face Authentication App Download

RD service for jeevan pramaan face app

Name of AppAadhaarFaceRd
PublisherUnique Identification Authority Of India
Updated On03-Nov-2022
Download LinkClick here to download

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