Actor and musician Jared Leto has responded to the recent viral fan theory suggesting that he and reality star Scott Disick are identical twins. During an interview with Sirius XM’s TikTok Radio, Leto expressed his amusement and appreciation for the speculation.

When asked about the theory, Leto replied, “Really? Lucky me. Thank you.” He further expressed that it can be challenging to see the resemblance when looking at oneself. Leto even humorously mentioned that he had heard that people who resemble each other sometimes share DNA, joking that he and Disick might actually be related.

However, Leto clarified that while the idea of being Disick’s long-lost twin brother would be nice, there is no evidence to support this theory. It appears that Leto’s comments were in good fun, leaving fans to wonder about the possibility but not indicating any truth to the speculation.

Beyond his acting and musical endeavors, Leto is known for his adventurous spirit. Recently, he made headlines for being the first person to scale New York City’s Empire State Building without the use of ropes or safety equipment, showcasing his daredevil nature.

As Leto looks ahead, he is gearing up for the Thirty Seconds to Mars’ Seasons World Tour 2024. The tour is scheduled to commence in Latin America on March 15, before making its way to Europe and eventually North America. Fans eagerly anticipate the opportunity to see Leto’s captivating performances on stage.

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