Jantasamvad Ration Server under heavy load – What to do?

ration jantasamvad org server under heavy load please try after some time

Delhi Government’s Ration E Coupon system is dependent upon its new website Ration.Jantasamvad.org . But recently, the website is showing error that the server is under heavy load. Here, we’ll tell you what does ration janatasamvad org website’s heavy loan means and what to do about it.

Update 2:15 PM – Ration.jantasamvad.org server upgrade is in progress. Website will be available soon.

What does server under heavy load mean?

Server under heavy load is a term used to notify users about the website’s functions being temporarily stopped because of too many page requests. It means that ration.Jantasamvad.org website is being browsed by too many people at the same time, because of which the website server has stopped working.

When will Janta Samvad Ration Website server resume?

There is no defined time about Janta samvad org website’s resuming its services. However, normally, any website server can start working normally again in minutes. Sometimes, if the database of website is huge, government stops services to prevent any data loss. In these cases, it might take hours for government to resume Jantasamvad ration website.

What to do?

If you too are getting the “Server under heavy load! Please check after some time” error on Jantasamvad website, then the only thing you can do is try reopening the website in a few hours. If the web server gets refreshed and the websites starts opening again, the server error will stop showing.

Till then either open this alternate link for ration at Janta Samvad –

Or wait for a while . Then, you can start checking ration e coupon status again.

  • Do not try opening the website continuously as it will give even more loan on server.
  • Try clearing cache to get updated website. Sometimes, the website starts working for other people but the cache shows previously loaded page to you.
  • Change browser to open ration.jantasamvad.org website.
  • If you are opening Jantasamvad on android, try opening on a laptop or PC.
  • Contact nearby PDS distributor for more details about offline method for Ration E Coupon.
Note : Please do not post your personal details in comment. This website is an informative website and you must always contact official website or official authorities for support. Do not share your personal details here.

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9 Responses

  1. Rajinder singh says:

    E cupan kon si sid se nikalen
    Reference number aaya hua he

    • Shubham Agrawal says:

      राशन जनता संवाद ऑर्ग के वेबसाइट पर जाकर otp से लॉगिन करिये। वहां आपके एप्लीकेशन का स्टेटस बताया जायेगा।

  2. Ratan Singh says:

    Delhi e sarkar ki website pai jakar top toa lai liya lakin उसके बाद website नहीं खुल रहीं हैं

  3. Ajay says:

    Ye website kab theek hogi

    • Shubham Agrawal says:

      Sarkar ki taraf se koi naya update nahi mila hai. ration janta samvad website ka server upgrade kiya jaa raha hai par abhi koi news nahi hai. Sarkar ka notification aate hi yahan jaankaari di jayegi,

  4. Jyoti says:

    Koi update aaya kya

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