Indiabulls Moratorium Apply Online – Dhani EMI, Personal Loan, Home Loan

Since Government has allowed banks and NBFCs to allow moratorium on all loans and EMI payments, Indiabulls moratorium option is available to it’s loan customers of Indiabulls Dhani, Personal loan and Home loan EMI. If you have taken loan from the Indiabulls loan service, you can use following information to apply online for moratorium. Learn about Indiabulls moratorium form, application process and other details here.

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Indiabulls Moratorium Form And Link for Personal Loan

Indiabulls personal loan moratorium form link is available here. You need to apply for the moratorium by visiting the official website of Indiabulls loan. The moratorium link is sent to customers on either mobile number or email address. For that, you first need to opt for the moratorium option. This option is available for principal and interest on loan taken before March 1st. Also, the loan deferment period is from March to May – For three months.

Click here for more information about Indiabulls moratorium application form link –

How to apply online for Indiabulls personal loan moratorium?

For Indiabulls Dhani loan moratorium online application, follow this link and process as explained –

  • Go to
  • Choose Dhani EMI Moratorium Withdrawal (Opt-Out) Request.
  • Then open the application form and fill the required information.
  • Provide your loan type and loan account number.
  • Apply online for loan moratorium for Indiabulls Dhani Personal Loan.

Documents required for Indiabulls loan moratorium application

Following documents and information are required along with the form to apply for moratorium online –

  • Loan Type
  • Name of Loan Applicant
  • Loan Account Number
  • PAN Card Number
  • Registered Email Address
  • Registered Mobile Number

Eligible Loans Types For Moratorium

Check the FAQ below –

Is Indiabulls personal loan eligible for Covid-19 moratorium?

Yes, any personal loan taken before 1st March 2024 is Eligible for Moratorium application.

Are Indiabulls Dhani Loan EMI moratorium allowed?

Yes, Indiabulls Dhani Loan EMI Moratorium application can be filled to get deferment period.

Which loans are eligible for Indiabulls moratorium?

Following loan types are eligible – Personal loan, Credit Line, Business Loan, Loan Against Property

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