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Inaph NDDB Login at inaphmis.nddb.coop


Inaph NDDB login can be done online on the http://inaphmis.nddb.coop/ website. For that, you need to visit the INAPH – Management Information System website and then use your login ID and password to login. NDDB stands for National Dairy Development Board. It recently launched the e-Gopala platform. Here is detailed information about Inaph NDDB login online on nddb.coop login page.

Inaph NDDB Coop Login

Inaph NDDB Coop MIS Login can be done on the NDDB MIS website – http://inaphmis.nddb.coop/NDDBInaph/Login.aspx. You will have to visit the official website and then follow these steps –

How to login to the Inaph NDDB Coop login page?

  1. Go to Inaph NDDB MIS website.

    First of all, open the inaph NDDB Coop MIS login page on your device.

  2. Click on Login link.

    You will see a login link beside the ‘Welcome’ option on the nddb coop mis website.

  3. Enter username and password.

    In the login form, enter your NDDB MIS username and password.

  4. Enter the captcha code and login.

    Now, enter the verification code shown there and submit the form to login into the Inaph NDDB login page.

Inaph NDDB Coop MIS login
Inaph NDDB Coop MIS login

Click here to open the login page – http://inaphmis.nddb.coop/NDDBInaph/Login.aspx

Inaph NDDB Login Password Change

To change your NDDB MIS login password, use following process –

  • Go to NDDB Inaph MIS login page.
  • Click on Change Password link.
  • Enter your username.
  • Enter your old password.
  • Enter a new password and confirm by re-entering.
  • Enter the captcha and submit.

Your NDDB MIS login password will get changed.

NDDB User Account

How to login into the NDDB user account page?

  • Open https://www.nddb.coop/user
  • Enter your NDDB User account login ID.
  • Enter your user account password.
  • Submit and login.

Expression Of Interest NDDB EOI Login

To login into the NDDB EOI or Expression of Interest page, use following process –

  • Open https://eoi.nddb.coop/Account/Login
  • Enter NDDB EOI username and password.
  • Submit and login to Expression of Interest account.

ettinaph nddb coop login

You can login to the ETT Inaph account of NDDB.COOP by using following steps –

  • Go to https://ettinaph.nddb.coop/Account/login
  • Enter your ETTINAPH Login ID and password.
  • Enter the captcha code.
  • Submit and login.

National Dairy Development Board Geographical Information System Login

To login into the

National Dairy Development Board Geographical Information System, go to GIS NDDB Coop website. Follow these steps –

  • Go to https://gis.nddb.coop/#!/login
  • Enter your NDDB GIS Login ID and password.
  • Submit and go to your GIS account.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the full form of NDDB?

NDDB Full form is National Dairy Development Board.

What is full form of Inaph MIS?

INAPH – Management Information System.

What is official website of NDDB?

https://www.nddb.coop/ is the official website of NDDB.

Who is the chairman of NDDB?

The chairman of NDDB is Shri Meenesh C Shah Ji.

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