IGRS Registration, Online EC / CC Payment and Search by Name, Application Status

IGRS is the Andhra Pradesh and Telangana registration and stamps department. All the online registration like Registration of a Document, Registration of Hindu Marriage , Registration of Special Marriage , Registration of Society Registration of a Firm are done at the IGRS portal or registration.ap.gov.in website. You can also check IGRS market value, GPA search, get online ec and online cc as well as online payment can be done. You can verify payment as well on the IGRS website. Check YSR Rythu Bharosa Payment Status.

IGRS Registration of Document

IGRS website provides online registration of document at http://registration.ap.gov.in/. You need to visit the IGRS website and apply for document registration. There are some precautions and rules for that which you need to follow. The registration of document works by the Transfer of property act 1882. IGRS registration page has complete details about it. Check the pdf file here.

IGRS Registration of Hindu Marriage in Andhra Pradesh

Marriage registration can be done through IGRS website too. For that, there are some eligibility and documents required. Hindi marriage in Andhra Pradesh is registered at the Sub Registrar Office where the marriage venue is situated, or At the Sub Registrar Office in whose jurisdiction either wife or husband has been residing for at least six months immediately preceding the date of marriage.The registration is done under the Hindu Marriage Act, 1955 -State of Andhra Pradesh.

IGRS Registration of Special Marriage

If a marriage registration has to be done at IGRS registration portal, in which there are these conditions met – No spouse is alive of either bride or groom, and they are within the age defined by government, their relationship is not prohibited and they are mentally sound – then the marriage registration is done under IGRS special marriage registration process.

IGRS registration of Society / NGO

According to Andhra Pradesh Societies Registration Act, 2001, registration of society and NGO is done at the IGRS registration portal. Society registration is done for organization in following criteria – promotion of art, fine art, charity, crafts, religion, sports (excluding games of chance), literature, culture, science, political education, philosophy or diffusion of any knowledge or any public purpose. Check complete details here. Also check Bihar Society registration here.

IGRS Market Value Check – Unit Rate

To check IGRS market value or Unit rate, follow these methods –

  • Go to registration.ap.gov.in .
  • Then go to the IGRS FIND option and click on Market Value(Basic Rates).
  • Visit http://registration.ap.gov.in/UnitRateMV.do?method=getDistrictList&uType=U
  • There, fill the form to check IGRS market value online.
  • There are two types of IGRS market value rates – Non Agriculture and Agriculture rates.
  • Select the type of rate you want to check.
  • Enter your district
  • Select your Mandal and Village.
  • Submit the form and get IGRS market value unit rates.

IGRS Card PE – Public Date Entry Online registration.gov.in

For Public Data entry of Andhra Pradesh IGRS Card PE online, follow these steps –

  • Party details to be entered in the document.
  • Enter schedule of the property details.
  • Pay duty fees through online payment.
  • Enter legal points and covenant between parties.
  • Generate documents online and download.
  • Book the slot at the SRO for registration.

So this is the IGRS Card PE registration process. For any problem, you can contact card.helpdesk@igrs.ap.gov.in or 7093921325.

IGRS CC Online – Certified Copy Search and Download

IGRS certified copy download option can be found on the Public online services portal of Andhra Pradesh registration portal – registration.ap.gov.in . To download Certified Copy at AP IGRS portal, follow these steps –

  • Go to http://www.igrs.ap.gov.in/ECCCOnline/cc.do?parameter=getCC
  • Open Public Online Services portal.
  • Select Certified Copy search form online.
  • Select your district and SRO location.
  • Enter your registration document number
  • Enter your registration year.
  • Verify captcha code and submit form.
  • After that, your AP registration certified copy will be downloaded online.

IGRS Registration List of Services

Following services are provided on the IGRS registration portal registration.ap.gov.in .

Registration of Society (under section: 3) Click here
Amendment of society (under section: 8,9,10,21,24,26) Click here
Certified copy of society Registration Click here
Certified copy of By law Click here
Submission of appeal of Society Click here
Verification of Registered Society Click here
Status of Application Click here

IGRS Application Status Check – AP Online Registration Status Enquiry

To check status of IGRS application or IGRS registration status, follow these steps –

  • Go to http://ssdg.ap.gov.in/eformsap/igrs_status_search.seam .
  • Open SSDG Application Status Search form.
  • Enter your AP registration application reference number.
  • Click on submit.

For more details about Andhra Pradesh government services, go to Government schemes 2024.

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