ESR Login and Employee Details – TNT IFHRMS SR Digitization V3.1

Tamil Nadu government and the treasury department has its special employee management website called IFHRMS. For SR Digitization, they have a different portal called ESR portal. The website can be opened using following IP address – Once you open the website, you will following information there – TNT – IFHRMS SR Digitization V3.1. Below that, there’s a login form called IFHRMS ESR login form.


To login into the IFHRMS ESR website, use following process –

  • Go to
  • Enter your TO or PAO code
  • Enter DDO Code
  • Enter password and login.

TN Treasury Data Digitization App

Once you login, you will see a portal call TN Treasury Data Digitization App. There, on the top right corner, you’ll see your designation, date and time. Below that, there are four options –

  • Employee List – Download
  • Search Employee
  • Transfer Employee or Bring In Employee
  • Transfer / Bring In Employee – Report.

Employee List Download

To download the employee list, click on the first button. After that, the list will be downloaded in excel format. Click to open the list.

TNT IFHRMS SR portal has following details about an employee –

  • Digitized SR Number
  • Designation
  • Employee Name
  • GPF / TPF / CPS number as per web payroll.
  • Actual SR Number
  • Submitted Date

How to bring in an Employee?

  • Click on the Transfer / Bring-in button
  • Enter transfer from TO / PAO Code
  • Enter transfer from DDO Code
  • Enter SR number
  • Click on ‘Get Employee Details.’
  • Confirm Employee Name
  • Confirm DOB and TO Code
  • Click on Bring In button.

So that is how you can use the IFHRMS ESR portal for SR digitization.

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