HDFC Credit Card Points Redeem 2024 – Complete Guide

The HDFC Bank is highly known for providing the most amazing and special offers to its highly loyal customers. The bank offers rewards on every bank card. There are various types of credit cards like travel credit cards, shopping, dining, and grocery credit cards. However, all these credit cards help you earn a point whenever the credit card holder uses it at stores or uses it online. While customers later on can redeem these points as per the bank set rewards as a result, this encourages customers to use their credit cards more frequently.

How to redeem your HDFC Bank credit card points?

Online method of redemption

  • Firstly, you need to register on the internet banking account portal if you haven’t registered yourself yet. Open HDFC Bank net banking website portal and double click on the register online option.
  • An IPIN/PASSWORD for account will come to your registered mobile number or email id. Now log in to net banking.
  • Enter all the mandatory details on the page further create a new IPIN of your choice. Now your net banking account is ready to use.
  • Login to your HDFC net banking account and enter your login id and password then click on continue option.
  • From the menu bar, visit the credit card section and choose the card of your choice. Important note if you haven’t registered your card then none of the cards will appear until or unless you enter your cards information.
  • Now register the card by double clicking on the register new card option. Fill all credit card details and IPIN. Check details carefully click on continue option. Important note the process is only applicable if you haven’t added your card.
  • Next select the credit card through which you want to redeem points.
  • Click on online tab redemption along with redeem reward points. Now the available points and all the items that are  fit in the points will be shown on your screen.
  • Proceed further with the catalog option and click on the points range tab, enter the points you want to redeem, and move to the category box. Now choose the items you want to purchase from the earned points.
  • Add items you want to purchase to the shopping cart, and the system will automatically add items to the digital cart for redemption.
  • After successfully adding items click on the view shopping cart tab, view and modify your selection. Check shipping address and other details.
  • Bank sends all the items to the address recorded as per the records of the bank, if you want delivery on another address then change the address before you redeem points.
  • Agree terms and conditions by clicking on the checkbox.
  • Now click on the redeem option to complete the process. 

HDFC Credit Card Points Redeem through Email

Procedure to claim your HDFC credit card reward points through your registered email ID

  • The bank gives reward points on each and every billing statement. Applicants can easily claim their points according to their statements. 
  • From the menu bar choose the item you want against your points from HDFC Bank catalog. Select item in according to your point range only and enter item code in form.
  • Each credit card earns points differently, each card has a different point range.
  • Now fill the redemption form in block letters. Enter item code, name, and quantity. For fast track items fill card holder name and card number and fill actual amount to be debited from your credit card. Sign and enter date and agree to terms and conditions.
  • Check all details, mail your form to the HDFC Bank or drop it to the nearest bank branch and place it in credit card Dropbox.
  • All the items will be delivered within 10-15 days. Once the bank receives and approves your form request.

Credit card holders should redeem their points on a regular basis as your card might get expired. In a majority of the cases the card is active only for the 1-3 years of period. Cardholders should ensure to check their billing statements regularly and make the most out of the rewards.

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