Google Task Mate Apk Download in India – Earn money online

Google has recently launched its most awaited micro job application called Task Mate. The app is currently available for android users and they can download it from the Google Play Store or by installing the APK file from third-party websites. This app will help users to earn daily cash rewards by completing various tasks in the tasks section of the app. In this guide, We will tell you everything about this newly Launched app and how you can signup and start making money using your mobile phone.

What is Google Task Mate?

Launched in 2024, The Task Mate is a micro job application developed by Google Inc. The app mainly focuses on Google Products and the user gets a chance of making money by doing small jobs offered on this app. The app is known to be a copy of the Google Neighbourly app that was shut down by the company due to a small user base and less response. However, Task mate is said to be different from its previous or recent alternatives, and with its entry into the Indian Market, The app is looking for a massive user base growth in the Country.

What type of tasks are Available on Task Mate?

The users are generally given two types of options that will hold several tasks. The first option is known as the Sitting task where you can sit in your comfort and complete tasks such as Translating text in your regional or any other known language, Helping foreigners and others understand your language and words. Proofreading, and other professional as well as basic jobs that you can complete using your Computer or Mobile with an active internet connection.

The second option in the Task Mate app is Field Tasks. These tasks are more like visiting a place or clicking pictures of your surroundings. If you have been a Local Guide on Google Maps then you can easily understand this process and get your hands on the Field Tasks in the Google Task Mate App.

Each user is rewarded with cash after successfully completing each task in the Task Manager. Once the user reaches the minimum withdrawal amount, he/she can withdraw it in their bank account or by using any other withdrawal option available on the App.

How to Signup For Task Mate using Task Mate invitation Code

As the task mate app is in the beta version. The app is only limited to a certain group of people who have the working Google Task Mate Referral Code. A referral code is a unique 6 digit code that you will require in order to successfully sign up on the platform. The referral code is given to the already existing users to distribute among others. A single Referral code can only be used by 3 people and once the limit exceeds, the code is no longer valid to use. This is one of the reasons for the shortage of working referral codes. However, you can search for Google Task mate Referral code on Google, Youtube or Facebook and get a ton of websites offering a working invitation code.

Below are the steps to signup for the Task Mate app.

  1. Go to Google Play Store and type “Task Mate”
  2. Click the first app in the list and click Install.
  3. Once the app is downloaded and installed on your Android device, Start the app.
  4. Select the Email address you want to use and click continue to select the App language.
  5. Finally, Enter the newly obtained 6 digit Task mate Referral code and click Continue.

Once you are inside the user area on the App, Go to the Tasks manager option and choose between Sitting or Field Task. Click the Start button on the task box and follow the guidelines and procedure to successfully finish the task.

Download Google Task Mate APK

To download Google task mate apk, use following methods –

  • Go to APK Downloader website
  • Enter the URL of Google Task mate app from Play store
  • Click on APK download link
  • Save the APK and install it in your phone
  • Allow permissions and sign up using your mobile number and Gmail address.

Start using Google Task Mate APK and earn daily money using the app.


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