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If you want to check latest GeM Portal tender, you need to go to the GeM Login Portal and login there using your GeM Login ID. There on the bidplus GeM portal, you can check the latest list of tenders easily. However, if you want to check the list of tender, you can do it using following process. Learn how to check GeM Tender list online.

GeM Tender 2024 on

GeM Tender portal has an option to check latest ongoing bids for tenders. For that, you can easily use following process –

How to check GeM tender on the Government e-marketplace portal?

  1. Go to GeM Tender Portal.

    The official website of GeM Portal is To check the list of tenders, you must first go to the official GeM tender portal.

  2. Now, go to Bids option.

    In the right top corner of the website, you will see a menu. In the menu, select the option of bid. Now, page will open.

  3. Click on Ongoing Bid.

    Now, in order to check the list of tenders for which bids are ongoing, click on the ongoing bids option from the menu.

  4. Check the GeM Tender list there.

    On the next page, you can easily check the required bid among the list of tenders. You can check Bid number, item, Department name and address, quantity etc.

Although, this is not the way to check sorted list of tenders, you can easily check the tender by using the bid number or RA number in the search option there. Most active tenders are shown there as they keep getting new bids for those.

How to check GeM Portal Tender Bid Status?

You can also check the latest GeM Portal tender bid status online or RA status through the GeM Portal –

  • Go to Gem portal homepage.
  • From menu, click on the Bid option.
  • Now, choose Bid/RA Status option from the menu.
  • Enter your Bid/RA number in the search box.
  • Click on the search button.
  • You can check your GeM tender bid status using this method.

Stages of GeM Tender Bids

The tender bid status on the GeM portal has three major stages. If you check the status of the bid through bid/RA number, you will get one of the following three status updates –

GeM Portal tender status list

  • Technical Evaluation
  • Financial Evaluation
  • Bid Awarded

If the bid has still not been evaluated, you will see a ‘Not Evaluated’ status for the bid.