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GCKey Login for IRCC Account : Canada Government Services Guide


GCKey is a login method provided for Canada Government services and contains your username and password. GCKey lets you securely sign in and keep your login details safe as well as help you in recovering your account. Here is how you can use GCKey login method.

GCKey Login options are available for these portals –

  • your online account
  • the Authorized Paid Representatives portal
  • the Employer portal
  • the provincial territorial partner portal

IRCC GCKey Login at

How to login into the IRCC secure account using GCKey login method?

  1. Go to My immigration or citizenship application page.

    Open in your browser and then go to > Immigration and citizenship > My immigration or citizenship application.

  2. Select Option 1: GCKey

    There, you will multiple options to login into your IRCC account. Select Option 1: GCKey. Click on the Sign in With GCKey button.

  3. Enter your GCKey login ID and password.

    On the next page, will open and you will see a login form. Enter your GCKey login ID and password in that form.

  4. Click on the Sign In button.

    Now, you have to verify your credentials and click on the Sign in button. You will now be logged into your IRCC account.

GCKey Login form for IRCC Canada

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GCKey IRCC LoginClick here to login
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