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Eway Bill login – Learn E-way bill portal guide, what is e-way bill, its generation process, and login steps for e-way bill – https://docs.ewaybillgst.gov.in/

EWay Bill Login

What is Eway bill login

E-way bill is an electronic way bill that act as a unique electronic document which helps to move goods from one place to another. As per the GST rules all the transporter must possess an e-way bill when they are moving goods from one place to another in order to satisfy the given conditions. However, the document is required to produce if the goods value more than Indian rupees 50,000. This apply to all the transporters moving either inter-state or intra-state. While the e-way bill is online soft copy form that helps to replace the way bill manual document which is issued during the VAT times for moving goods in all over the country. The central government establish a website portal to manage all the e-way bill any user can easily cancel the bill directly through the official website portal. The official website portal works all over the India for transporter who needs any kind of e-way bill. Also check – tsbonline.kerala.gov.in login

EWAY Bill Generate Online

Essential requirements for Eway bill generation

Due to various reasons user needs to generate an e-way bill which are as follows:

  • Due to registration process on the EWB portal.
  • In order to receive an invoice/ challan which is related to the goods to be transport.
  • In case of road transportation, the transporter is required to produce a transporter ID or the vehicle number.
  • And in case of transportation by the ship, air, or rail the transporter is required to provide transport proof documents, transporter ID, and the correct dates on the papers.

EWay Bill Portal

Process to generate the e-way bill through the e-way bill portal – https://docs.ewaybillgst.gov.in/

  • Go to the official e-way website portal.
  • From the homepage go to the login tab and enter your username and password and enter the captcha code which is given at the bottom of your screen.
  • Click on login option, then click on generate new under the option e-waybill.
  • Now fill all the mandatory details like: transaction type on the portal choose the option outward if the user is the supplier of the consignment, inward if you are the receipt of the goods, and sub-type select sub-type if it is relevant in your case.
  • Outward transaction or inward transaction
  • The document type may be a challan, invoice, credit note bill of entry, or others.
  • Number of the document
  • Date of the document
  • From or to, depends on you whether you are the supplier or recipient.
  • Details of the item the information is added on the HSN code wise:
  1. Name of the product
  2. Description of the product
  3. HSN code
  4. Quantity
  5. Unit
  6. Value
  • Taxes rates of the CGST and SGST
  • Tax rate of cess
  • Details of the transporter, fill transporters name, ID, and the document number. You should also provide the mode of transport and vehicle number.
  • Check all the information carefully and click on the submit option then the system will validate your information.

While the e-way bill official website portal contains various options that users can follow and access various information about the e-way bills.

EWAY Bill Website Options

Tabs available on the homepage

  1. Laws
  2. Help
  3. Search
  4. Contact us
  5. Registration
  6. Login

The user can use any of the above given tabs, once you click on any one of the tab there will be different services available for the user to use like:

The GSTIN, various types of legal names and the type of users, the user will get notifications on the same page by providing some details about the GST portal and ewaybill notices, and useful stat that contains the number or the rejected e-way bills and the total generated e-ways and cancel documents, service tab, consolidated EWB, reject and reports tab, update, registration, and grievances.

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