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epasscovid19.pais.net.in – Online Punjab Curfew Pass


epasscovid19.pais.net.in is a government website launched by Punjab Government to provide curfew e pass during covid-19 lockdown. Punjab curfew pass is available to those who need emergency travelling during corona lockdown. The curfew pass is also called Corona pass or Punjab Covid Pass.

What is Punjab Curfew Pass?

Punjab Curfew pass is a certificate that allows you to travel during corona lockdown. As Indian government has abandoned travelling across country because of corona pandemic, Punjab curfew E Pass allows you to travel for emergency purposes. A website – epasscovid19.pais.net.in , has been established for the online application of curfew pass in Punjab.

What is epasscovid19.pais.net.in?

epasscovid19.pais.net.in is online portal for Curfew pass application in state of Punjab. The epasscovid19 pais gov in website has an online application form where you can fill your details for E-pass.

Note : The website is often searched as epasscovid19pais or epass covid19 pais net in.

Who can apply for epasscovid19.pais.net.in curfew pass in punjab?

The eligibility criteria for epasscovid19.pais.net.in curfew pass are following –

Type of Curfew Pass in PunjabConditions for Punjab E Pass
Citizen PassDeath Case, Emergency Transit/Travel, Medical Emergency
Essential Services Maintenance PassMunicipal Services, Power, Electricity, Telecom, Sanitation
Essential Services PassAgriculture activity, animal fodder, ATM, Banking, Delivery Worker, Foods, Vegetables, Gas, Fuel, Oil, Grocery, Industry Related Activities, Langar seva, Milk, Eggs and Transportation related essential goods.
Government OfficialsAll
Health Worker PassDoctors, Nurses, Support Staffs
Media PassAll
Security Worker PassAll
Punjab Curfew Pass Conditions and Eligibility

If you fall in one of the above mentioned categories, go to epass.covid19.pais.net.in and apply for online E Pass during Punjab lock down.

You can apply for epasscovid19.pais.net.in Punjab E Pass if you are in one of the following districts – Amritsar , Barnala , Bathinda , Faridkot , Fatehgarh Sahib , Fazilka , Ferozepur , Gurdaspur , Hoshiarpur , Jalandhar , Kapurthala , Ludhiana , Mansa , Moga , Muktsar , Nawanshahr (Shahid Bhagat Singh Nagar) , Pathankot , Patiala , Rupnagar , Sahibzada Ajit Singh Nagar (Mohali) , Sangrur , Tarn Taran.

epasscovid19.pais.net.in e pass benefits

Benefits of epasscovid19.pais.net.in Punjab ePass are as follows –

  • You can travel in Punajb during lockdown with Curfew ePass.
  • You can use your vehicle during lockdown Covid Pass.
  • You will not be restricted from driving in Punjab with Punjab ePass.
  • You will not be questioned by Police in Pujab if you have ePass for Covid19.
  • You can work as a medical worker with Punjab ePass.
  • You can deliver important goods during lockdown using Punjab Curfew Pass.

epasscovid19.pais.net.in ePass online application in Punjab

Name of websiteepasscovid19.pais.net.in
ServicesApplication for Curfew ePass in Punjab,
Checking curfew e Pass status in Punjab
Who can apply?Eligible applicants in State of Punjab (all districts)
Launched byPunjab Government, Punjab Police
Documents RequiredID Proof, Digital Photo, Proof of Employment, Vehicle Number
How to apply?Click here to apply online
Official websitehttps://epasscovid19.pais.net.in/
About Punjab Curfew pass application at epasscovid19 pais net in
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Who can apply for Punjab curfew ePass?

Any Punjab resident who is eligible for the ePass can apply on epasscovid19.pais.net.in .

What documents are required for Punjab curfew pass?

You need to upload your ID proof, vehicle paper and a photo to get ePass in Punjab during lockdown.

Is epasscovid19.pais.net.in working in all districts of Punjab?

Yes, people of these districts can get epasscovid19.pais.net.in pass – Amritsar
Fatehgarh Sahib
Sahibzada Ajit Singh Nagar (Mohali)
Tarn Taran

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