EPass reference number for checking application status


In New Delhi, people are being issued a Janta Pass or Curfew pass which is called e-Pass by government of Delhi. The epass lets important travels to be allowed in curfew because of Corona Virus. The covid-19 pass status however is not publicly provided through a website. Instead, people can download pass or check status through their mobile number SMS link that they receive.

curfew pass application

For that, every applicant of Corona Virus ePass is being provided with a reference number. The reference number for e-pass is used to check application status.

Here are details about Coronavirus epass reference number.

  • The Epass reference number is automatically generated.
  • Epass reference number can be received by SMS on the registered mobile number.
  • The epass reference number is used to check Curfew pass status.
  • Reference number is application called application number or serial number.
  • It is issued by Revenue and transportation department of Delhi Government.
  • Epass reference number is alphanumeric and has numbers as well as alphabetic letters.
  • Sample epass pass reference number is JKYE71H.
  • The length of Epass reference number is 7 characters.

So if you cannot find your curfew pass reference number, you can use above details to check status of your pass through application number.

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