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Eoffice is a government project aiming to provide digital workplace for employees and organizations. There are four types of eOffice suites provided – eOffice Lite (eFile), eOffice Lite (SPARROW) , eOffice Premium and eOffice Lite (eLeave-eTour) . Users need to visit the eOffice login page and login to dashboard so that they can use the eOffice portal.

Here is detailed information about eoffice.gov.in login process and services.

E-office online services available

The Eoffice suite provides following online services to users –

  • File Management System
  • Knowledge Management System
  • Collaboration and Management Services
  • Leave Management System
  • Tour Management System
  • Personnel Information Management System
  • Smart Performance Appraisal Report Recording Online Window

E-Office features – Product wise

efile File creation, Scan and Diaries, Migration Module, Digital Signature, Setting Due Date, get reminder, notification, follow up, search, dashboard, preference setting and reports
KMS Creation and Upload, Collaborate and Share, Workflow, Multilingual Support, version control, open standards, security and access control, central storage, search and retrieval, alert and notification, dashboard and reports
CAMS Document and multimedia sharing, calendar, econnect, gallery, workspaces, search and retrieval etc.
eLeave Apply and approve online, Integrated holiday calendar, leave history, delegation, etc
eTour Transparency, Online generation, delegation, workflow etc.
Sparrow Transparency, Online generation, delegation, workflow etc.
PIMS eService Book, Digital Signing Tool etc

Eoffice Login – All States

  • Eoffice Andhra Pradesh login – https://eoffice.ap.gov.in/cas/login
  • Eoffice Arunachal Pradesh login – http://ditc.arunachal.gov.in/?p=563
  • Eoffice Assam login – https://assam.eoffice.gov.in/cas/login
  • Eoffice Bihar login – https://eoffice.bihar.gov.in/cas/login
  • Eoffice Gujarat login – https://eoffice.gov.in/
  • Eoffice Haryana login – eofficeharyana.gov.in
  • Eoffice Jharkhand login – http://eoffice.jharkhand.gov.in/
  • Eoffice Karnataka login – https://eoffice.karnataka.gov.in/cas/login
  • Eoffice Kerala login – https://eoffice.kerala.gov.in/EofficePortal/
  • Eoffice Madhya Pradesh – https://mantralaya.mpeoffice.gov.in/cas/login
  • Eoffice Odisha login – ctodisha.eofficeodi.nic.in
  • Eoffice Punjab login – https://eoffice.punjab.gov.in/cas/login
  • Eoffice Tamil Nadu login – https://eoffice.tn.gov.in/cas/login
  • Eoffice Telangana login – https://eoffice.telangana.gov.in/cas/login
  • Eoffice West Bengal login – https://eoffice.wb.gov.in/cas/login

Using above listed websites, you can go to the E-Office website for various states and login. Besides, you can also check railway, SCERT, etc portal for E-offlice login pages.

E-Office contact details

Following contact details can be used for E-office related queries –

Central / Ministry Departments eoffice-pmu@nic.in
Andaman and Nicobar g.sahayaraj@nic.in, gautam.g@nic.in
Andhra Pradesh bkvv@nic.in, s3baba@nic.in
Arunachal Pradesh sarkar.saibal@nic.in,utpal.ghosh@nic.in
Assam suchitra@nic.in
Bihar rajeshk.singh@nic.in, ranjan.ks@nic.in
Chandigarh vivek.verma@nic.in, rekha.chandna@nic.in
Chhattisgarh dilip.debnath@nic.in, amaurya@nic.in
Dadra and Nagar Haveli utpal.mehta@nic.in, nitin.bamania@nic.in
Daman and Diu utpal.mehta@nic.in, nitin.bamania@nic.in
Delhi rgupta@nic.in, akmittal@nic.in
Goa pk.thete@nic.in, archana.nagvekar@nic.in
Gujarat mohan.pv@nic.in, ab.khunti@nic.in
Haryana deepak.bansal@nic.in, bajaj.gd@nic.in
Himachal Pradesh ajay.chahal@nic.in, sanjaysharma@nic.in
Jammu and Kashmir abhay.kapil@nic.in, jamyang.namgial@nic.in
Jharkhand s.ahmad@nic.in, pompa.b@nic.in
Karnataka vinayab@nic.in, lakshmeesha.s@nic.in
Kerala mohandhas.t@nic.in, ajithb@nic.in
Lakshadweep basheer.pka@nic.in, cgbeebi@nic.in
Madhya Pradesh rao.prakash@nic.in, kak.sucheeta@nic.in
Maharashtra ravi.vijay@nic.in, la.garje@nic.in
Maharashtra(Pune-SDU) spk@nic.in, sc.kotkar@nic.in
Manipur s.rajen@nic.in, premchand@nic.in
Meghalaya tdkhar@nic.in, candida.shadap@nic.in
Mizoram sk.mohapatra@nic.in, lmi@nic.in
Nagaland asm-hemanta@nic.in, lanu@nic.in
Odisha pratibhasingh@nic.in, bp.satapathy@nic.in
Puducherry drshukla@nic.in, gopi.v@nic.in
Punjab satyender.kumar@nic.in, pankaj.jain@nic.in
Rajasthan tarun.toshniwal@nic.in, priya.bhardwaj@nic.in
Sikkim biren@nic.in, dkbasnet@nic.in
Tamil Nadu ks.raghavan@nic.in, govindan.r@nic.in
Telangana arrao@nic.in, ysmurty@nic.in
Tripura chayan@nic.in, bk.biswas@nic.in
Uttar Pradesh saurabh.gupta@nic.in, amarpal.singh@nic.in
Uttarakhand k.narayan@nic.in, vinod.taneja@nic.in
West Bengal rh.khan@nic.in, amitava.bose@nic.in

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