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E Praghna Login – Sri Chaitanya E Praghna Student Registration and Login


Sri Chaitanya E Praghna is an online module for e-learning. Students can visit the e Praghna portal and register online for online classes. They can also login using their registration details. Here is complete details about how to use Sri Chaitanya E Praghna portal and study online. The official website of Sri Chaitanya E Praghna is https://www.epraghna.com/ .

Sri Chaitanya E Praghna Student Login

If you want to login to the E Praghna student portal, you need to have your Sri Chaitanya Institute registration details with you. It includes the registered mobile number, USER ID and password.

sri chaitanya e praghna student login

Here is how you can login to the E Praghna student page –

  • Open https://www.epraghna.com/
  • Go to Student login form
  • Enter your Sri Chaitanya Admission Number
  • Or, enter your registered mobile number
  • Enter USER ID
  • Enter password
  • Click on red ‘Sign In’ button.

You will be logged in to the E Praghna online learning portal. If you do not remember your password, click on Forgot password option. Enter your registered mobile number and generate OTP. Enter OTP and create new password to login.

E Praghna Student registration

  • Go to https://www.epraghna.com/studentLogin
  • Click on ‘Register for free’ button.
  • Open Sign Up Form
  • Enter your mobile number
  • Click on ‘GET OTP’
  • Enter OTP
  • Fill student registration form online
  • Submit and use the User ID and password to login

E praghna student registration

Visit this URL for registration – https://www.epraghna.com/studentRegistration

E Praghna Online Exam Helpline Number

If you have any problem related to E Praghna portal, you can use following contact number for customer care support –

  • Rajesh – 9121142406
  • Praveen – 9100085118
  • Srinivas – 9100085566
  • Jyothsna – 9121142416
  • Swajana – 9177096994
  • Vikas – 9121142417
  • Kaushik – 9100085567
  • Hema – 9100084759
  • Karthik – 8985234594

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