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  • Jantasamvad.org is a new website launched by Government of Delhi for services related to curfew pass also called as e-pass.
  • It provides multiple services like ePass application online, ePass status check, Ration eCoupon for Corona relief etc.
  • Jantasamvad website got launched in March 2020 for services during Corona lockdown in New Delhi.
  • epass.Jansamvad.org status is for people who live in Delhi or are stuck in Delhi because of curfew.
  • You can also check Janta samvad ration website now.

Delhi E Pass at Janta Samvad

  • Janta samvad portal has following ePass services –
    • Epass application
    • Epass reference number generation
    • Epass status enquiry

For all of these services, citizens of Delhi can use Jantasamvad.org website. Here, we are going to talk about how to use online services at Jantasamvad portal.

Online E pass Application at Jantasamvad

  • New application for Epass can be submitted online through Jantasamvad epass application form.
  • Official website for Jantasamvad epass application is https://epass.jantasamvad.org/epass/application/hindi/ .
  • Online application form must be submitted through desktop or mobile phones. You need internet connection to apply online at Jantasamvad.org .

E Pass Online Application Process

How to fill online ePass application at Jantasamvad.org?

  1. Go to https://epass.jantasamvad.org/epass/application/hindi/.

  2. Enter your phone number in the application form.

  3. Write your name, address, and type of business or service.

  4. Select the date from which you want the pass and the date till you want the pass to be valid for.

  5. Select your district

  6. Upload copy of your identity card and business information/license/documents of proof of business.

  7. Submit the Jantasamvad Epass application form.

Jantasamvad E pass Reference Number

  • Once you submit the epass application form at Jantasamvad.org, you will get a 7-digit reference number.
  • Jantasamvad reference number is also called ePass ID.
  • The reference number is important to check your online curfew pass status at Jantasamvad status enquiry portal.
  • Every applicant has unique reference number.
  • Jantasamvad generates new reference number just as an application for epass is submitted.

Delhi E Pass Status Check at JantaSamvad.org

  • Jantasamvad.org has started a new service for checking curfew pass status.
  • Earlier, it didn’t have any page for status enquiry of epass application. But now, a new link has been placed on the application page.
  • When you open the online application form at Jantasamvad.org, you will see a new notification above there.
  • The notification says – If you already submitted an ePass application, click here to check status -The button there takes you to the new ePass status enquiry page at Jantasamvad.
What is the address of Jantasamvad ePass status checking page?

The new web address for Jantasamvad status enquiry page for ePass is https://epass.jantasamvad.org/epass/status/ .

How to fill Jantasamvad ePass status form?

Go to the Jantasamvad status checking page. In the form below, enter your 7-digit ePass ID. Then press Check Status button there.

Does Jantasamvad tell if my application is approved or not?

Yes, once you enter your ePass ID, you will be shown with current status of your application. There are three types of status there – Approved, Pending and Rejected.

E Pass Delhi – FAQ

Who can apply for curfew pass at Jantasamvad.org?

Those people who need to travel during Corona curfew but do not have any government ID or private identity card, can apply at Jantasamvad for an e-pass.

What is mode of epass application at Jantasamvad?

The mode of application at Jantasamvad is online only.

What is fee for epass application at Jantasamvad?

There is no fee for applying epass at Jantasamvad.org website.

Is Jantasamvad open for all Indian citizens?

Jantasamvad services can only be availed by people living in Delhi at the time of Corona curfew.

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