Online Curfew E-Pass Application And Curfew Pass Status Enquiry

Because of Coronavirus pandemic, Government of India has implemented Curfew all over the nation. The curfew is supported by State governments too. According to curfew rules, you cannot go out of your houses except for announced time. To save country from Coronavirus, government has ensured that the curfew is followed properly.

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However, Delhi government has launched a website where you can get e-pass for curfew if you have to travel during the curfew period. The Curfew pass can be applied online. Once applied, you can also check the status of curfew pass application.

Here are complete details about how to check status of Curfew pass application.

Where can we apply for Curfew pass online?

The official website for curfew pass is . On the jantasamvad website, Delhi government has launched an e-pass section where Coronavirus pandemic victims and those who need to travel, can get curfew pass as well as support for food and shelter.

curfew pass application

The website for curfew pass can be reached here – .

What does eCurfew pass website help with?

The new curfew pass website has provided various types of support to people living in Delhi. Kejriwal government has chosen to help residents with following benefits –

  • Food you need during the period of Coronavirus.
  • Ration you need during the period of Coronavirus.
  • Rs.5000 compensation for construction workers.
  • Pension amount that you cannot get directly.
  • Curfew pass or e-Pass for travelling during curfew period.

What is status of curfew pass application website?

Current status : Active

Curfew pass service is active on the official e-pass website or Jantasamvad website online. One can go to the official delhi government website for more details.

Warning related to Curfew Pass Application

e-Pass is being issued for those who are engaged in providing essential services like manufacturing, transport, storage and shops but do not have a Government or Private ID.
This form is being launched only for such people.
Others kindly DO NOT submit this form

How to apply for Curfew Pass online?

To apply for Curfew pass online, follow these steps –

  1. Go to official website of Delhi Government Jantasamvad.
  2. Select E-pass option.
  3. In the selection menu, select e-pass for travel during curfew.
  4. On the next form that appears, enter following details –
    • Contact number
    • Name of applicant
    • Address of Office or place of engagement
    • Type of service
    • From Date
    • Till Date
    • From Time
    • To Time
    • District
    • ID Proof (maximum file size: 5MB)
  5. Upload the documents required for Curfew pass
  6. Submit the form and note the reference number.

Your curfew pass online application will be submitted instantly.

Documents required for Curfew Pass Application

What documents are required for Curfew pass application?

Documents required for Curfew pass are following –

  • ID Proof (PAN Card, Aadhar Card, Voter-ID Card)
  • Document about Business (Visiting Card, Shop License, Business License etc)

So these are the details you need to know about Curfew pass application. This is a great initiative by Delhi Government. If you want to get more update related to Curfew pass, follow our official website of You can comment your complaints related to the Curfew pass article here.

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