CroxyProxy Unblocked Free Proxy Server Gets A New Website

Croxyproxy is one of the most popular web proxy servers in the world. lets you browse websites which are either locked or banned by your ISP. In certain countries, some websites and applications are banned from browsing. Therefore, people have to use a proxy web server to browse such a website. Croxy proxy is such a website that lets you access the unblocked version of a web page by changing your IP location.

Here’s how you can use the Croxyproxy website server to browse all web pages that are banned.

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Croxyproxy Unblocked Website Browser

Croxyproxy unblocked browser lets you access a website from a different location. Since websites are banned by ISPs or countries, therefore they use your location to find whether you belong to a certain governing location. Therefore, if you can somehow hide your location from the ISP, you will be able to access the unblocked website easily.

Any VPN server lets you use a similar method to access web pages. Croxy proxy isn’t a VPN but it’s a similar concept that lets you use a different IP and server known as proxy web server to browse Internet.

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Why use Croxyproxy?

Croxyproxy should only, as per our recommendation, to access legal websites. If you are misusing a proxy website for browsing illegal web pages, you might still get into trouble. Only websites that are either locked because of your parental controls or because of your WiFi service should be used through the Croxy proxy unblocked website viewer.

You can also use Croxyproxy to check if a website is down for you all for everyone else. Sometimes, a certain ISP gets banned by a website and so all users of that Internet service provider are unable to use that website. In that case, you can use Croxy proxy and it will let you use that blocked website.

How to use Croxyproxy free proxy web server online?

If you want to use the or web server online, you should use following steps –

  1. Go to Croxyproxy website.

    First of all, you need to have an Internet connection and a browser in your device. Go to the browser and type the URL of Croxyproxy website – In the website, you will see a URL box where you can enter web address of any blocked website that you want to open.

  2. Enter the URL of your website.

    Now, in the box that you see on the front page of Croxyproxy website, enter the web address in format of http or https. We recommend you to use the https version only for better security. Also, you can use some of the quick links available there for famous websites like duckduckgo, google, facebook, twitter, reddit, tiktok, instagram etc.

  3. Click on the ‘Go’ button.

    Now, you will see an arrow button next to the address bar. On that button, it says ‘Go’. Recheck and confirm the web address of the website you want to open the unblocked version of, and then click on the Go Button.

  4. You can now browse the website through Croxyproxy.

    Once you click on the ‘Go’ button, Croxyproxy will find a web proxy server to open your website on. It will use one of the browsers on the proxy computer to browse your desired website. Your web page now will be displayed there on the screen.

Croxyproxy server benefits

Some of the benefits of using the Croxyproxy web server are –

  • You can remotely access a website.
  • You can open websites banned by your ISP.
  • You can access website locked by Wifi.
  • You can check if a website is down only for you or not.
  • You can check the live version of a website in case your browser has a cached version.
  • You can browse google as per different countries for personalized results.

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Croxyproxy Server Risks and Cons

There are some risks and cons involved with using any proxy website server or browser –

  • Your data may get stored in their server.
  • If you use credentials to login using a proxy server, it may steal your data. However, we do not claim of any such proof. This is just for a concern.
  • You may not get good browsing experience and web pages may lag.
  • Croxyproxy premium has more service and so free version might not be good enough for you.
  • Your ISP may ban you for browsing Croxyproxy if it is prohibited.

YouTube Croxyproxy

Can I browse YouTube on Croxyproxy web server?

Yes, YouTube Croxyproxy website can be browsed in countries which have YouTube banned. Many countries have banned YouTube because of their personal reasons and in such countires, you can use the YouTube Croxyproxy free server website to browse unblocked YouTube App.

  • Go to
  • Enter YouTube official web address in the address bar.
  • Click on the go button.
  • YouTube website will now open in the croxyproxy YouTube format.
  • You can now browse unblocked videos there.

CroxyProxy App Download for Chrome

You can also download the Croxyproxy app for chrome and other chromium based browsers. You can install croxyproxy web app using the extension available on the Chrome store. For that, use following steps –

  • Go to chrome extension store.
  • Search for ‘CroxyProxy Free Web Proxy’.
  • Confirm the publisher as ‘’.
  • Click on ‘Add to chrome’ button.
  • Confirm and download the Croxy proxy web app.

Click here to download.

Croxyproxy Unblocked website

Various ISPs and countries have banned the website as they suspect it may be used for browsing illegal websites. Therefore, has launched a new website which you can browse on the URL. That website is not banned and is unblocked in almost every country.

CroxyProxy FAQs

What is croxyproxy?

Croxyproxy is a proxy web server service provider that lets you access websites from different proxy IPs.

Is croxyproxy free?

Yes, there is a free version of Croxyproxy available but you can also get a premium version for better facilities.

Is croxyproxy safe?

We do not claim of the safety related to Croxyproxy website. However, we do not claim it’s being unsafe either. There has been no such complaint received by us and so it’s left to user’s judgement.

Is there a croxyproxy app available?

Croxy Proxy has a chrome extension that can be downloaded for free through the chrome web store.

Is croxyproxy legal?

As per most of the countries, Croxyproxy is not illegal. However, there might be different jurisdictions in your local area so you should confirm it yourself.