Tuesday, January 31st, 2023

CroxyProxy Website Link Changed After Original gets Banned


CroxyProxy is a popular proxy website that helps users in accessing banned links or surf web anonymously. It helps in private browsing a website through web proxy servers and hides your original data from tracking software. That way, you can hide your location and IP while opening a webpage through Croxyproxy. However, since it promotes use of various illegal and banned websites in India, Government has banned the original domain of Croxyproxy which was Croxyproxy.com.

Why Croxyproxy website was banned?

Croxyproxy website allows people to access websites through a different location than they are in. That enables them to open websites which are banned by government in India. That is why Government takes web proxy websites as illegal websites too and bans them.

Croxyproxy has been banned by various IP provides as well as telecom companies. Airtel, JIO and BSNL seem to have already restricted using the original Croxyproxy.com website.

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Croxyproxy new website link gets surfaced on Internet

However, right after the original domain being banned, Croxyproxy has a new website made available in India. The new website is being opened at https://www.croxyproxy.rocks/. We however recommend you to not use the croxyproxy rocks website for illegal browsing. You should never open websites which are banned by government.

Sometimes, croxyproxy.rocks website link is used to open unsafe websites and may cause you trouble. So we recommend you to stay away from these sites.

Croxyproxy FAQs

What is Croxyproxy?

Croxyproxy is a web proxy based browser website that lets you open websites which are either banned or restricted in your local area. You can also use croxyproxy for using websites without revealing your location and IP.

Should we use Croxyproxy?

Depends upon how you are planning to. If you are using it for safe and legal websites, there is no harm in that.

Is Croxyproxy banned in India?

The original website seems to be banned however https://www.croxyproxy.rocks/ is working fine.

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