A credit card skimmer has been found at a local Family Dollar store, leading to an alert for other nearby establishments. A concerned customer came across the skimmer while making a purchase at the Family Dollar on Wapakoneta Avenue, prompting them to notify the Sidney police.

According to authorities, store surveillance footage revealed that the skimming device had been surreptitiously placed on a credit card reader approximately one hour before its discovery. Two individuals are suspected of involvement in the incident. One of them cunningly distracted the register clerk with a carefully crafted question, momentarily diverting their attention away from the register area. Meanwhile, the other perpetrator swiftly affixed the skimmer device onto the store’s credit card reader.

In response to this incident, all merchants in Sidney have been urged to thoroughly inspect their own credit card readers to ensure that no skimmer devices have been installed. Should any suspicious findings be unearthed, merchants are advised to promptly contact the Sidney police at (937) 498-2351.

For anyone possessing information regarding the whereabouts or identities of the suspects, Detective John Curtis can be reached at (937) 498-2351. Alternatively, information can be provided to Crime Stoppers on (937) 492-8477.

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