COVID BF.7 Variant News in India, Symptoms and Dangers

Covid-19 has not yet totally been cured and new variants of Covid are emerging already. A new variant by name of Covid BF7 or some are calling it as Omicron BF7 variant is in news all over the world. Started from China, now Covid BF7 cases in India are also being found. Government has however claimed that patients of Covid BF7 variant are being cured are healthy after treatment. BF.7 is a sub-variant of Covid Omicron virus.

Is Covid BF7 Variant dangerous?

Of course like any other Covid Variant, the Covid BF7 variant is dangerous too. However, government of India has conveyed a message that people should not panic. Patients who are infected with the Covid Omicron BF7 variant are already treated and recovered. So this new Covid variant is seemingly treatable and all the dangers of the virus are possibly curable.

Gujarat reported 2 Covid BF7 cases in India

The state of Gujarat saw two cases of Covid BF7 cases. The two people were identified with infection of the new Covid variant virus. The government of Gujarat issued the news of both of them having treated and recovered.

Government has issued an advice that people should wear masks in public gatherings and that they should follow safety guidelines to make sure they are safe from the Covid BF7 virus. However, these cases have confirmed that Covid-19 has yet not disappeared totally and have just emerged as new variants like XXB and BF7.

Covid BF.7 Symptoms

As per website, here are the list of Covid BF7 symptoms –

  • Like symptoms of other Covid Omicron variants, the Covid BF7 variant also has similar upper respiratory issues as its symptom.
  • Fever is one of the most common symptoms of any Covid variant and so it is also a symptom of Covid Omicron BF7 variant.
  • Another common Covid BF7 variant symptom is Cough and Sore throat.
  • Running nose can also be counted in Covid BF7 symptom list.
  • Some patients might show a symptom of Fatigue and Diarrhea too.

Disclaimer – We recommend you to check with a medical professional for any advice. Our news updates must not be taken as a medical advice or any kind of health-related professional message. Please refrain from using these news sources and medical information. Contact your doctor for authentic information related to Covid BF7 variant.

Covid BF7 Full form

Is there any full form for BF7 variant of Covid Omicron virus?

As of now, all news sources are using the same term as Covid BF.7 and no full form of Covid BF7 variant has yet been found. We are doing our research of medical journals and waiting for an authentic source to confirm what the full form of BF7 in Covid is.

Just as we get the right information about Omicron BF7 full form, we will update it here.

Update : As of 21 December 2024, 08:00 IST, 82 new Covid cases are found in India.

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