Check PAN Aadhar Linking Status – Income Tax India E-Filing

The official website of Income Tax e-filing has launched an online service for linking PAN Card to Aadhar card. It has been made mandatory for every PAN card holder to link Aadhar card with PAN Card. Since PAN Card is maintained by NSDL and Income Tax, holders can go to and check their PAN Card linking status.

Here is complete detail about how to check Aadhar card Pan card link status.

Step 1 – Go to Income Tax Website

First of all, you need to visit the government portal for Income Tax in India. The website can be reached at following URL – . When you visit the website, you will find multiple options related to Income Tax online services. Some of those online services are as follows –

  • Instant PAN through Aadhaar New Content
  • Tax Calculator FY 2024-21 New Content
  • Link Aadhaar
  • e-Pay Tax | Challans
  • e-Verify Return
  • View Form 26AS(Tax Credit)
  • Outstanding Demand
  • ITR Status
  • Know Your TAN | AO
  • Verify Your PAN Details
  • Tax Calendar
  • Check Refund Dispatch Status

Step 2 – Click on Link Aadhar option from Quick Links

In the Quick links section, scroll to third link from the list. You will find option called ‘Link Aadhar’ there. Click on the link and go to the Aadhar card linking page.

There, you will find a form to link Aadhar card with PAN Card. Since, you want to check PAN Aadhar linking status only, you do not need to fill that form.

Instead you need to locate the PAN card Aadhar card linking status page from there. You will find the option above the form on the page. Check screenshot below to locate the status link.

Link to check PAN Aadhar linking status

Step 3 – Go to PAN Aadhar Linking Status page

When you will click on the link mentioned above, you will find a new form on the next page. The form is Aadhar PAN linking status enquiry form. In that form, there are two options.

  • In first option, you have to enter your PAN Card number.
  • In the second option, enter your Aadhaar Card number.

Once having filled the form, you will have to click the ‘View Link Aadhaar Status’ option.

If you have accidentally entered wrong details, click on Cancel button and reopen the form to check Aadhar PAN linking status.

If you haven’t applied for linking PAN Card with Aadhar card, you can follow these steps –

  1. Go to Income Tax website.
  2. From Quick links, click on Link Aadhar option.
  3. On the Aadhar card linking page, fill the form as told.
  4. Enter your PAN number in first option.
  5. Enter your Aadhar number in second option.
  6. Enter your name in third option. Make sure the name is exact as in Aadhaar.
  7. Click on the agreement option.
  8. Enter the captcha code as shown there.
  9. Now, select the Request OTP option and click on Link Aadhar.
  10. You will get an OTP on your Aadhar linked mobile number.
  11. Enter the OTP and submit the application.

After a few minutes, you will get confirmation of your Aadhar PAN card linking request. If you haven’t got the confirmation SMS, contact NSDL for further details.

You can also check Aadhar card status online through UIDAI portal.

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