How To Check Curfew Pass Status?


If you have not applied for Curfew pass, you can fill Curfew pass application here – Curfew epass for travelling .

Government of Delhi has introduced a new pass for those who need to travel in Coronavirus curfew. However, there are some rules and regulations that need to be followed for getting Curfew pass.

After applying for the Curfew pass, people are now willing to check Curfew pass status so that they can start their journey. The curfew pass status however has not been updated on the government portal. The Jantasanvad website doesn’t have any option to check Curfew pass status online. Also, you can now apply for ration coupon at website.

Can I check curfew pass status online?

According to Delhi government website, you cannot check Curfew pass status online. If you have applied and you have application number, then you can check status of curfew pass by calling the toll free number of Jantasanvad portal.

However, the Delhi government has provided with Coronavirus helpline number for any type of help.

To check epass status, you can contact Coronavirus helpline number and get more details.

How to check Curfew pass status?

To check curfew pass status, there are no online services available. Therefore, use following coronavirus helpline number to know details about Curfew pass status.

To check curfew pass status, use following numbers –

  • 011-22391014
  • 011-22301028
  • 011-22302441
  • 011-22307133
  • 011-22304568
  • 011-22307745
  • 011-22307135
  • 011-22307145
  • 011-22300012
  • 011-22300036

For more details, go to following page – Delhi Government Family Welfare Portal.

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