AP CFMS bill status online – Beneficiary ID Search

AP CFMS bill status online – cfms.ap.gov.in , https://prdcfms.apcfss.in/ – Learn how to use Andhra Pradesh CFMS bill status through online medium, AP CFMS beneficiary search by PAN card number, Aadhar card number, beneficiary number, bank account number, procedure to log in, and services offered by the CFMS portal.

CFMS Status

What is CFMS status

Users can check the Andhra Pradesh CFMS citizen bill status quickly and conveniently while sitting at home or from office by visiting the official website.

Procedure to check AP CFMS bill status

  1. Visit to the official CFMS website portal.

  2. From the homepage, click on the citizen services expenditure link which is given at the left hand side off the page.

  3. Choose bill status from the options.

  4. Citizen bill status page will appear with different columns.

  5. Now enter the year and bill number in the space provided and click on the enter option.

  6. The details of the bill status like (approved or not approved or pending), DDO, district, treasury office, HOA, gross amount, deduction and net amount will be appeared.

  7. Beneficiary details and detail flow of bills can also be checked from the portal.

AP CFMS beneficiary search

Procedure for AP CFMS beneficiary search

Applicants can quickly and easily get the Andhra Pradesh CFMS beneficiary search by following the steps given below:

  • Go to the official AP CFMS website portal.
  • Choose option with which you want to search like Aadhar card, pan card number, Bank account number, beneficiary number, and request number.
  • Fill the number of your credentials (the number of your credentials and selection in the above column should be same).
  • Now click on search option.
  • You will receive the information like beneficiary code, name, address, PAN card number Aadhar card number, GSTIN number, and bank details.


AP CFMS Details

Comprehensive financial management system (CFMS), the Andhra Pradesh state government specially developed this application on behalf of the finance department of the state. The state government implemented this portal for financial management system and services.

Why CFMS is needed

  • It increases the efficiency in financial transactions
  • The portal helps in increasing the effectiveness in control
  • Allows transparency in operations
  • Give accountability for decisions and performance
  • The procedure is convenient for the stakeholders
  • It offers sustainability in both current and future

Go to BIMS Login here.

AP CFMS Services

Services provided by the CFMS

The Andhra Pradesh CFMS official website portal provides different types of services which can be classified into four categories which are as follows:

  • Government to government (G2G)
  • Government to citizen (G2C)
  • Government to employee (G2E)
  • Government to business (G2B)

G2G service

This is budget allocation to finance department, heads of the department, treasuries, drawing and disbursement officers (DDOs), RBI, AG, GSTN.

G2C service

These are the services which are provided by the government to the citizens like challan payment or refunds through the manual and online methods of payment like gateways, social security pensioners, tax payers, banks and much more.

G2E service

It includes a self services for the maintenance of employee information and the online creation of employees challans for loan repayments and other payments towards the government it offers services to retirees like challan payments.

Important improvements of CFMS

  • Either from home or office through the CFMS citizens can pay for all the services across departments.
  • Citizens are not required to visit any of the treasury office for challan. As they can be generated for all heads of accounts from anywhere through online.
  • There will be no errors in the accounting.
  • There is automated Restoration of paid memos.

How to use CFMS Services?

Procedure to use the service provided by the CFMS

Applicants can use the services provided by the CFMS. Follow the steps given below.

  • Go to the official CFMS website portal.
  • The homepage of CFMS will appear.
  • At the bottom of the page all the services provided by the  CFMS will be shown.
  • Click on the link you need.
  •  Now enter your details.
  • Once you complete the procedure you can get the details.

AP Citizen services

  • Through the receipts link you will came to know about the DP challan, cash recovery challan, expenditure reimbursement challan, employee challan, citizen challan, civil deposits, CM relief fund, judicial challan, capital fund development, escort charges, guard charges, challan status, transaction cancellation.
  • Through their expenditure links you will get to know about bill status, DDO search, beneficiary account statement, beneficiary search, and payments.
  • Budget
  • HR

Department services

  • In the budget all the budget allocated, budget proposal status is included.
  • Expenditure
  • Receipts
  • HR
  • PD accounts

Employee and pensioner services

  • In the employee services you will get to know about the pay slips, income of the year, and the loans if any.
  • Through the pensioners service and impensioner service you will get the pension slip, annual income, pension details, and pension portal.
  • Stakeholder services.

Apply for AP CFMS training

Procedure to apply for AP CFMS training

The state government of Andhra Pradesh is providing training through the CFMS online portal and providing awareness to the people. Follow the steps given below:

  • Go to the official comprehensive financial management system (CFMS) website portal.
  • Click on the training option which is given in the blue colour column.
  • Choose the option as you need like work management, PD allocation module, office sanctions module, debt management extra.
  • Follow the steps by selecting the options one by one.
  • Choose DEMO or PRACTICE as you wish.

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