How to activate Ration Card again if cancelled by Government?

Reactivate cancelled ration card – The AePDS or EPOS ration card in India can get cancelled by government too. Sometimes, because of wrong information in ration card, or not being eligible for ration card, government cancels ration card of an individual. In that case, if one wants to activate ration card again, they will have to follow some procedure. Learn how to activate ration card cancelled by Government authorities. Check One Nation One Ration Card Scheme here.

How to activate cancelled ration card again?

My ration card was cancelled by the government and I want to activate my ration card again.

  • First of all, you need to visit the official website of AePDS in your state. Here is a list or AePDS ration card portals in India.
  • After that, you need to look for ration card correction option.
  • Go to ration card correction page and fill the form to search your ration number.
  • If there is a mistake in ration card information because of which your card got cancelled by government, correct it.
  • After correcting, go to local PDS office and submit a reconsideration application.
  • If your ration card activation application is accepted, you will be able to activate cancelled ration card again.

Submit ration card cancellation form 5 and apply for new ration card

If you ration card re-activation cannot be done through the above process, you can manually apply for ration card cancellation. For that, you need to visit emitra portal and fill the ration card cancellation form also called as form-5. Once filled, submit the form and get your old ration card returned to the PDS.

Then, you can apply for new ration card instead of activating cancelled ration card again.

New Ration Card Renewal – Documents Required

If your old ration card is cancelled by government, you can renew it to get new ration card. For that, you will have to apply for ration card renewal. Along with the ration card renewal form, these are the documents you will have to submit.

  • Address Proof
  • Water or Electricity or Telephone Bill
  • Rent Receipt if you are living on rent.
  • Rationc card surrender Certificate
  • Old ration card attached.
  • Residential certificate with family information.

These documents are to be provided with the filled application, mobile number and attached copies of Aadhar card. After that, your cancelled ration card activation can be done.


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